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April 25 2007

Read the first four 'Drive' scripts. has the final shooting scripts for the first four episodes. So get a cup of coffee and enjoy some Tim Minear goodness.


cant wait to read every word

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Cool! (Considering the poor ratings (households: 3.0/5, #12; adults 18-49: 1.8, #12), I'm getting kind of nervous...)
It isn't actually that good or cool, its a fairly mediocre show given an enormous lift by Nathan Fillion's Mal channeling.

Love how the scrips are called Final but apparently aren't *g*
Love how the scrips are called Final but apparently aren't *g*

My understanding is that final shooting script just means it's the final draft that they used when they began shooting... so plenty can change mid-shoot and in editing and stuff. Sorry if you knew that and were just being, you know. Beep!
My boss is leaving the office all day today! I know what I'm doing this morning!
Travis Yannan at pifeedback is reporting that Drive is cancelled. I've not seen an official confirmation of this but Travis tends to be pretty accurate on such matters.
OK, I read the scripts instead of studying today (I'm baaaaaaad!). Some of the scenes in the script would have been great to see on the air, because they filled in the blanks about some of the more minor characters. That would have made me more interested in them, maybe other viewers would have gotten more excited about the show, too. Poor Drive. Poor Tim and Nathan. Well, guys, go on to new shows that show off your talents better -- and for more eps, ffs! :-(

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