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April 25 2007

Whedonopolis talks with Doug Jones and covers James Marsters Sunday Q&A. The main link goes to the Doug Jones interview they did at the Creation Grand Slam. Then they went on to cover part of James Marsters Sunday Q&A.

Nice interview with Doug Jones. Once again, I'm grateful for the transcription of James's Q&A. If you can't be there, this sort of coverage is wonderful.
Indeed, it is. I have to agree with James, Spike would be wonderful as a dark,gritty animated series.
And Doug is doing great at the moment, i can't wait to see him as the Silver Surfer, and Abe Sapien in Hellboy2.
W: What profession, other than yours, would you ever like to attempt?

DJ: Nursing. If I wasn't an actor, I would have been a nurse a long time ago.

Yeah!!! I enjoyed the entire interview, but this made me smile.
James' gray nose hairs...Someone somewhere will probably find that sexy, I just love that he said it!

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