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April 25 2007

(SPOILER) Buffy Zone Updated. New updates from Scott Allie. More on the contest winners, where Season 8 is at, how #2 is selling, the cover for #6(amazing!) and much more!

Wow. That's a great cover. Faith fans will be happy:0

Also agree with what he said about some peoples reaction to the winner of the contest. They should be ashamed of themselves. Very deserving winner and congrats to her and all that got the runnerup prize.
Luv, luv, luv that cover. Holy cow, I need to get my issue #2 copies ASAP.
That is an awesome cover artistically, and it's also very funny. I wonder whose idea the spray painting was? I have no idea how collaborative the concepts behind these covers are. Or are they pretty much the cover artist's ideas? Anyone have some insight on the process?

The reprint news is even better than I was hoping. Wow.

I am rapidly becoming a Scott Allie fan. That was a good response to negative mail.
I'm loving these covers so far. They're simple, unlike most comics. They show the characters and hints of their personality; a little preview of what is inside the pages.
I'm absolutely loving the Jo Chen covers and this one of Faith is no exception.

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What's this stuff about Issue #3 coming out in a couple of weeks? It's coming out on the 2nd, which is a week from now, right?

And that's the first cover that's had me laughing out loud in sheer delight. I can't believe how well Jo Chen captured Faith, attitude and all.

I'm curious what the second issue's actual sales have been. Since a 30% drop is kind of standard for a follow-up, is it going to surpass that, given that the second printing hasn't arrived in stores yet? I've been in two comic book stores. One was sold out of everything Buffy-related, the other had some Issue #1s and one expensive variant of #2. If there's no product to sell, it kind of puts a damper on sales, doesn't it? I want Buffy to be selling well over a hundred thousand copies an issue, dammit!

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I think the couple weeks means that he probably typed this last week or something. The same thing with the last update, he said he was sitting in his New York hotel room getting ready for New York Comic Con, but when the update was posted, NYCC already passed.
Joss was working on the story for that issue around the time he was judging the entries, and Robin's story about battling mental illness really connected with what he was doing, so while the contest promised the winner a cameo in a comic, Robin will get a real role in the history of these characters.

Hurray for the arrival of a new, full-fledged, strong, mentally ill woman character in the Whedonverse! This added detail is the icing on my birthday, Joss!
Heee. We see the issue 6 cover art before the issue 5 one. Hmmmmm. Intriguing.

That's a brilliant capture of Faith btw.
Love that cover.
We see the issue 6 cover art before the issue 5 one. Hmmmmm. Intriguing.

No. Wait. Boring. Pull off their kneecaps!

But seriously, these covers are amazing. And it's great we get see some Faith.
Sunfire, the freedom cover artists get varies from project to project. I imagine for Buffy there are specific things that have to be accomplished for marketing reasons, But Jo might also gradually get more freedom on the basis of the awesomeness of the previous covers.

Usually, I'm not a big fan of the iconic, one-character cover--and I hope Jo will be showing us some more variation eventually--but these are all so very very pretty.
That is my favorite cover so far, Fantastic, Funny and Faith.
Oh I am really loving the 'iconic, one-character cover': at least for BtVS S8, it is a pleasure to see each of my beloved scoobie gang lovingly captured by Jo Chen's artwork. And I'm hoping this means that Giles gets the cover of issue #5!
Thanks Telltale.

I like the current iconic one-character covers very much so far, but the Dawn cover is by far my favorite because it's such an astonishing only-in-comics kind of scene. And somehow it accomplishes that implausible-yet-realistic look that the tv show was so very good at. I think that cover promises that there will be magic and demons, but real drama, so you won't even notice that the fantastical stuff so unreal! I'm hoping for more covers like that in the future.

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That cover screams Faith. Love it!
That is the classic iconic depiction of Faith! Wow, she effing nailed it! I've offically melted from how awesome this will be.
My heart literally dropped to the floor(in the non literal sense) i'm in love with this cover.
Still trying to prove her dominance over Buffy? Sounds like our girl. (;

Just making that extra wait between 4 and 5 (and I suppose one between 5 and 6?) all the harder though...
Oh jeez, I hope there wont be another skip month between 5 and 6! I'll cry.
I'm *loving* the Jo Chen covers! They're very well done.
There's been no mention of a skip month between #5 and #6, so I doubt there will be one.

Anyway...the cover...frakking awesome. Really and truly. Can't wait to see the art for #5!

(And the cover for #4 is definitely my least favorite thus far...)
Okay, this cover is teh hawt. Definitely gave me glee for the day. :-D Jo Chen simply rocks. (And I too really, really hope we get a Giles cover by Jo some time).
I'm obsessed with this cover! Everything I ever hoped for became true! Awesome!
Absolutly the most beautiful cover so far. And i'm very glad to see the title change to Faith for her arc. I hope the same will be done with Spike on the season6 line.
Sad to hear about those "fans" saying nasty and childish things, but it doesn't really suprise me.
Jo Chen is so good. Every cover I see just makes me admire her more.

"Hurrah for the arrival of a new, fully-fledged strong mentally ill woman character in the Whedonverse! This added detail is the icing on my birthday, Joss!"

Here, here to the first statement, Pointy. I 'm really looking forward to issue ten too. I don't know if you read my comments in the thread about the competion winner (on April 4th) as I was the last to post, but I said nice things about you so you might want to if you didn't. Also, and most importantly, happy belated birthday!
Oh boy, I love that cover! I'm chomping at the bit to have the Faith arc in my grubby mitts.
I was quite disappointed in how she was used in BtVS season 7, spending part of her time on the show in bed recovering, exactly what they'd just had her doing over on Angel.
For me, Faith has had enough bloody time recuperating in a bed - she belongs on her feet, punching something. Hard.
Hi, ArielWillow, and thank you for the birthday wishes! I tried to figure out how to reply to your kind earlier post, but some compliments are too big to respond to, other than to say, aww . . . thank you!
I thought I was losing my mind... thankfully Simon confirmed I hadn't. #5 isn't out yet.

I really do enjoy this cover. Great look Jo Chen. I'm sad her covers are ending soon. :(
*Smiles* Thanks not required, Pointy; just glad you read it!

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