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April 25 2007

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Runaways #26. The first few pages are up at PopCultureShock. This issue is out next week.

Wait, it is out today?! I need to run over to my comic book store!
edited to add: oh not today...never mind.

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Everyone should have weird archaic flying monster back-up.
I've added that's it out next week to the subject line to avoid any confusion. And next week is a very good week indeed for Joss comic book lovers. New Runaways, new Astonishing X-Men and new Buffy (and also reprints of Buffy #1 and #2).
The more pages I see, the more I like the new artist on this. I had just started reading the series a few issues back, and I fell in love with the old artistic style. The new style is different, but I think it's just as effective.

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