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"You're gonna get married and have scowly babies."
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April 26 2007

Harmony (Mercedes McNab) on Crossing Jordan NOW. "In Sickness & In Health" 9pm Wednesday on NBC.

Thanks! She's great! I love seeing her do some drama instead of just being extremely funny.
Aww, I dont buy it, she'll be back for a snack in no time.

But I love her too. Thanks for the heads up!
Thank you for posting about it, I planned to watch anyway but I wouldn't have had my 'Whedonesque Actors in Other Projects' tape ready and waiting! She looks great in the blood stained wedding gown (how Harmony is that?! LOL).
Thanks! There's a nice still photo of Mercedes in the episode recap.
I missed the first 15 minutes, so when I flipped in on and was watching Harmony covered in blood it took me a second to first think "Buffy's on, what?", then come back to sanity and realize I had picked the right show, but was thinking of the wrong character.... :) Sleep deprivation, does wonders for the logic circuits...

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