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April 25 2007

"Staying Alive" American Idol Gives Back Video. Sarah Michelle Gellar lip-synchs and dances along with many other celebrities. Video now available to download. Proceeds go to charity.

It was surprising to see her in that. Goes to a good cause, so check it out when available.

It's available with the Ford video for $1.99.
Or free, if you hate charity work.

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And if they put it up, the Celine Dion and Elvis duet (yes, you're brain just processed that) is a must. Very amazing!
When I followed the link, I had to download much software, but I found no SMG.

Here is the clip, thanks go to Chaz-38 over at IMDB.
That was a fun clip. :)

Sarah looked good too.
but I found no SMG.

She first appears in the vid between Hugh Grant and Shaq.

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Is this actually up on iTunes yet or not? As I aint see it.
The video is also being streamed over at Just Jared here.
While it was nice to see a smiling happy SMG (who looked beautiful,) as well as Hugh Laurie clowning around in non-House mode, on the whole I found the vid kind of disappointing. I wasn't expecting great art, god knows, just something fun. But I have to admit that I became completely distracted by the "stars" they were able to assemble. There were a few big names (Hugh Grant, Helen Mirren(!?))...but for the biggest show of the decade, hosting an unprecedented fund-raising event ... could they really not do any better than Rob Schneider? Goldie Hawn? David Schwimmer?
It was fun to see Ross and Pheobe (David Schwimmer and Lisa Kudrow) on screen together for a second. I really miss "Friends" on some days.

And it was also good to see Miss Piggy, um, stayin' alive.

I actually watched AI for the first time in years tonight, and when I turned it on I just caught this piece live.

Don't look at me like that. I know "Drive" and many other great shows were cancelled because of shows like this. I was waiting for the Mavs game (we won!) and there was *nothing* on TV. And they were raising money for people suffering from poverty...they were using their powers for good! And Ellen was there. See? Totally justified.

Well, it was fun seeing Goldie Hawn and having mental flashbacks to her Laugh-In dances. But I honestly did not recognize SMG last evening. OK, I was sitting quite a distance from the TV and I was multitasking (does anybody actually watch AI with total attention?), but I guess she was the last person I expected to see, too. (Well, Helen Mirren was the last person I expected to see, but SMG would have been next to last.) Anyway, thanks for the link.
Thanks for the direct link, jerryst3161. And thanks, Syd, for mentioning where SMG first appears. If I'd blinked, I might have missed her. It was fun.
I do believe the guy in the hat was Micky Dolenz of The Monkees.
No lip-synching from Cowell?

Missed opportunity! :)
Thanks for posting this - it took me a second (and a few rewinds of the DVR) to process that yes, that was Sarah. She looked great, and I was glad to see her contributing to a silly bit for a good cause. I'd almost buy the video (since the $$$ goes to charities), but I don't care for I-tunes DRM.

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