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April 25 2007

Duncan scores with "Unit" score. Last week, Buffy season 7 composer Robert Duncan won an "ASCAP Film and Television Music Award" for his work on the CBS series The Unit.

This is a big deal - please consider dropping by his myspace blog to leave a note of congratulations.

He also has a blog post about his newest project, creating the soundtrack for the upcoming Pierce Brosnan thriller Butterfly on a Wheel. Risk potential spoilage by reading about it on IMDB or Wikipedia.

Congrats! He really deserves it! His Buffy season 7 scores are probably my favorite of the series. They really made a huge impact.
His Buffy scores are very good indeed. I like listening to Chosen on the way to work, sets me up nicely for the day.
The Unit is terrible.

I don't know why I watch it. Every. single. episode.

Maybe it's the music!
This is funny. I did not realize that Robert Duncan was doing the music for “The Unit”, but it looks like he is another one of Joss’ people that Shawn Ryan is employing on his shows.

Last week, I was listening to the commentary on Season Five of “The Shield” on the episode “Kavanaugh”. Former “Angel” writer and Shield/Unit showrunner Shawn Ryan was discussing the casting of Gina on “The Shield” and Summer on “The Unit”. His logic was, if they are good enough for Joss, they are good enough for me!
Holy cow - I have a good friend who was doing her PhD in music at the same time Robert would have been doing his undergrad degree at York U. I'll have to ask if she remembers teaching him!

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