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April 26 2007

Is Joss a psychic? A very brief mention of Joss and Firefly....

Astronomers have found a new planet that could possibly support human life. And it's (relatively) nearby.


When did he start every episode of his ill-fated 'Firefly' series with that phrase?

I've never heard it in my life.

I agree though, Joss is started to sound like a psychic. Philly jerna jornali riting guys make good word.

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Sounds like you discovered Firefly on DVD, ZodKneelsFirst. When it aired on Fox, episodes opened with this intro (or the alternate Book intro).
Awww shiny intros- which I wish would have been included on the DVDs. I miss hearing Mal or Book at the beginning of the ep. That definitely must have been a wtf moment Zod. :)
Heh, "to read makes our speaking English good" ZodKneelsFirst, never forget it ;).

Yep, Joss is either psychic OR he's seen/read, like, science fiction from anytime in, ooh, say, the last 100 years or so. Still, it looks like the comments in that blog might be about to kick off into a big anthropic principle framed creationist argument (*grabs popcorn and bags a decent seat* ;).

Been all over the science press for the last few days. It's really nice to see an extra-solar planet that's not a gas giant though (as most of the other 200 ish are) even if it's only right on the edge of habitable (it'd be pretty cold for one thing. And it may not have an atmosphere ;).
Thought it must be something like that :)
I'd never seen the intros before either - thanks for the links! Must get my box set back from my sister; I am feeling the need to rewatch them.
There's also a very early intro actually voiced by Joss floating around (can't find a link at the moment but i've got the mp3 at home). He used his 'old man in the bank' voice as heard in 'Serenity'.

As broadcast on Sci-fi UK they varied between Mal's intro (of which there are 2 versions, BTW, one featuring "some idiots tried to fight it, among them, myself" and one featuring something like "if you have a job we'll take it, don't much care what it is") and Book's. AFAIK the Joss one was never used anywhere.
Saje, are you talking about this one?
That's the one. It's on the original unaired Firefly pilot, which can be found if you dig around.

I prefer without though.
I think.
Thanks for the link, Broken Soul. Joss's Serenity introduction is on the same YouTube page, at least the one on my DVD. I don't know if all versions of the DVD have the same "special features" but this one always makes me both laugh & want to cry. It's the one he finishes by saying "we have done the impossible, and that makes us mighty.". *sniffle*
ooh. Broken Soul. Nice find. Love Joss's all over the place accent!
That's the one. It's on the original unaired Firefly pilot, which can be found if you dig around.

Cool, I said that without even moving my fingers ;). Ta gossi (no sound at work so I couldn't verify it anyway).

They don't all have the same features Shey but they all have that one (at least the US and Aussie ones do).
I found the Joss intro a few months ago whilst searching for something else Firefly related but it wasn't until a friend told me so that I realised it was actually Joss himself doing the voiceover. I could have kicked myself for not realising sooner. It is so obvious when you know.
Yeah, good find on the link Broken Soul. I don't really keep many bookmarks anymore (usually easier just to Google it) but whichever site I got it from originally gave the game away (and if you listen to it after the bit in 'Serenity' it stands out a mile).
Was he trying to do a British accent? Came across as Southern to me. Georgian to be precise. Good find. Never new it existed.
The Southern accent is deliberate.
"...No movie plans just now. In the back of my mind I have a vision of a Startrekkian progression -- Movies after TV show is over -- but who can predict that far ahead. Right now my life is the show. Pathetic a tad?..." - Joss Whedon, Jun 17 1998, on BtVS.

"I haven't seen the Phantom Menace yet. I will when I get a mo, but I don't have very high hopes. Maybe the world needs a NEW epic Sci-Fi franchise. Hmm....." - Joss Whedon, May 27 1999.

(And I believe I've seen or heard a couple more whedonian predictions somewhere.)

One word: Josstradamus.

Now, let's all join together, Whedonists, and sing the hymn:


EDIT: does the melody go?

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Wow! I had completely forgotten about the intro! I miss it. Thanks!
I'd like to know what Joss thinks of global warming (although I'm pretty sure right now he'd say something like, "It sucks."). If you can't tell by the severe weather changes over the last several years that something nasty is afoot, well, then Karl Rove (if you read about the exchange between him, Laurie David and Sheryl Crow at the White House Correspondents' Dinner last week) has a tropical paradise in Antarctica he'd like to sell you.
Love how all the media says they've found a new planet and goes on to describe it, when i fact they have found no such thing - what they have done is analyzed readings of a star (sun) and based on they conclude that its behavior can only be accounted for by a planet in orbit, which may be earth like.
Heehee, this news story is being used for more than one set of pop-culture fanatics:

On a Superman forum I frequent (The Planet over at, everyone is freaking out because the planet has a red sun, especially since this discovery was announced the same day that it was announced that kryptonite had been discovered. So we discovered Krypton and kryptonite on the same day:)

And I posted over there that if I hadn't read the article through a link on a Superman site, I would have thought of Firefly first:)

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