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April 26 2007

Angel's Alexa Davalos (Gwen Raiden) offends the eyes of the Fug Girls. Also fugged today, David Boreanaz's Bones co-star, Emily Deschanel.

I always find fashion commentary very odd. Those girls could wear brown paper sacks and still look totally hawtsome. But maybe it's just me.
Personally, if I could look as good as Alexa in that bathrobey thing, I'd wear it everywhere.

Edited to add: I kind of think it's a feather in people's caps to be well-known enough that people care what you're wearing. For the record I think both women are gorgeous and I'm envious of how good they still look even when the Fug Girls think they look bad.

[ edited by fiareynne on 2007-04-26 22:27 ]
I saw Emily's picture. I think her face looks a little..weird..but I blame the camera. She looked better in a black dress she wore on Jimmy Kimmel a few months ago.
I'd like to think that we're a bit beyond fug posts at this stage. Plenty of other news to post and talk about.

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