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April 26 2007

What is Nathan's secret project? For months, fans of Nathan Fillion have been wondering just what it was about which he's been dropping cryptic hints. Now we have something a little less cryptic. So let the speculation begin.

What we've gotten from Nathan over time is that it's some "super-secret" thing "in London" that he's "never done before" and will "blow your mind". And we knew from Nathan's MySpace earlier this week that it would be done on Wedneesday, "to be shown I don't know when".

Well, SFX (in the linked item) has what appears to be the first hint: He's working "with renowned artist Martin Firrell".

So we have our first specific. And now that we do, what do you think he's doing?

Hilariously I just sent you an email about this 2 minutes ago. I have no idea what ties Nathan Fillion to an artist who projects his work onto buildings.
Oh, hah. And as I was reading your comment, I saw Gmail tell me I had a new email.
I think he's produced a trailer recently. Maybe Nathan is starring in a new trailer he's working on.

Hi_larious that the teaser is the "caveman vs. astronaut" debate. I can't wait for whatever it is.... I'm pretty much clueless.
(To be clear, the "teaser" referenced in the comment above above is the teaser for the forthcoming SFX interview with Nathan, not a "teaser" for Nathan's secret project.)
Hmm. Some sort of brilliant guerilla art project to take us by surprise and the world by storm?

Could I love him any more?

(Though I suppose there's still a chance you could get your radio play...)
OK, let's just write Martin's peeps and ask, ffs! Or else, I'll guess there will be a building in London that has a Nathanism projected onto it. I'd nominate the rant on using turn signals, myself. Or else -- OK, I got nothin'. What a gorram mystery!! ;-)
Nathan Fillion poses for a nude?
Polter-Cow, that's the sound of the interwebs exploding with the squeeing of a million females and probably quite a few males, too. Thanks, dude. I had been hoping we'd break the Internet one of these days. ;-)
Maybe Nathan will be digitally projected onto the Houses of Parliament ala Gail Porter. :)
billz.... I happen to be one of those males...and I was just going to suggest that... damn you polter-cow! *head explodes*.
Maybe Nathan will be digitally projected onto the Houses of Parliament ala Gail Porter. :)

Exactly. Nathan's arse, 60 feet high on the Houses of Parliament.

Reckon i'll still prefer Gail's though. I dunno much about art but I know what I like ;).
Damn, so a role in Dr. who is out - oh well
It's something he's never done before.
He said he didn't know when it would be "shown" which sounds like what they do with art pieces.
He told someone at B3 to "come see him in London" and now I'm thinking her didn't mean himself *in person* so it could mean his image in some way.
And now there is Martin Firrell. And words on buildings.

Well now.

I got nothing.

I was thinking Waitress promo of some kind, but after reading NYPinTA's succinct summation of the facts ...

I got nothin' too.
I think Nathan said it would blow our minds. Does Firrell do any work with holographic images along with digitally-produced words?

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The artist did a thing earlier in the year about passion. Things that bind us. Things that are a common interest that create community. Yada. He did that at the London Film and Comic Con, which I think Nathan was a guest at.

He's also doing something at the Tate Modern in London later this year. Oh, and? The artist has a sculptor.

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Wouldn't it be cool to have a life size Serenity in the wathcacallit, y'know the great-big-space-in-Tate-Modern-I-wanna-say-Gas-Hall-but-that's-in-Birmingham?

Turbine Hall!! That's it. I think.
The connection between Nathan and Martin apparently is more obvious than anyone realized.
...and it is what now?

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Is this a hint? The obvious link?

"He is currently working for a projection onto the Palais du Louvre, Paris, and for a new work in development entitled We Need Another Hero."
Nathan as our Hero? I can see that.
Yeah, that seems right up his alley.

Though I just keep hearing that 'Holding Out For A Hero' song in my brain. Blasted infectious fanvids! =p
Wait Nathan's gonna be on Hero's playing Martin Firrel alongside former Dr. Who Chris Eccleston? And they'll all be nude? /waits for IMDB to post that as 'inside sources report...' ;)
Can I wish for this and make it so?
I know this is long off the front page, but if anyone saw Nathan on The Sauce on Fuse, he spilled a great number of beans about this project. It is something he's never done before (I don't know if anyone has), and it will blow our minds. Here goes giant spoilage: ;-)
Thanks billz! Now get back to studying!

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