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May 08 2003

Power and Legitimacy in "Buffy". An analysis of Buffy's rejection by her friends and allies.

Really insightful article. The rejection of Buffy's ultimate power...Buffy+Friends...has been what's been driving me nuts these past few seasons. I want to scream at these people like they are real and not an allegory of the writers, "How could you forget your real strength?" Spike pretty much gave Buffy the reason why she is still alive while the the other Slayers weren't: it's the love and the power her friends give her that strengthened her and tied her to the "mission."

The last paragraph of the article hit me also:

As a final aside, this week’s “Buffy” is the first anniversary of the death of Tara. (“Buffy” time works in strange ways, but it seems likely that it’s around May in the Buffyverse, too). I would like to believe that Willow will commemorate the anniversary; I have a feeling, however, that she will completely forget about it.

Not sure, though, will it be a writer oversight or another example of the rejection of the power inherient in the circle of friends. Although, I hope Willow does something.

Anyway, it's not real and it's just a story.

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