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April 26 2007

New covers for Buffy #1 (third printing) and Buffy #2 (second printing). TFAW has put up the third printing of Buffy #1 and the second printing of Buffy #2 for pre-order. Both have different versions of the regular cover.

Huh. Not a fan of the effect on those covers. Don't mess with Chen!
I've got the first episode of #1 and 2, plus variants. That's enough, but new covers show support is still strong

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Huh. At some point I've got to stop being a completionist, right? So far I have every version of both issues, including the sketch variant of #1. Man...
I just got my comic #1 and the it was first print, I thought I wasnt going to get a first print one but I did. Now me and a friend are going to collect all of them. :D

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Meh, not a fan of those. Look's like someone just sent them through a photoshop filter and called it a new cover. Whatever, I guess it distinguishes them subtly from the first printing, which should make mine all the more valuable in 30 years!

Always look on the bright side, I say.
Damn you, Dark Horse. Damn you. I don't even like those alternate covers and yet I still must by them. Bastards.
Hmmmm, I think I'm good with the 1st printing of both and the variant covers. MAN! I had no idea comic book collecting was so involved! All these different covers...
Just wait until you start grading your comics. You'll want all Near Mint copies, of course--Very Fine or less just doesn't cut it. And why not go for a CGC graded copy of 9.8 or higher? That would make it a valuable Mint/Near Mint! :-P
I'm quite anti-CGC. It makes them unreadable. What is the point of a book you can't read?
I guess it's a bit like collecting fine bottles of wine (with the intent never to drink them).
Guys, these comics will never be worth much more than their cover prices. The only reason older comics can be worth so much (depending on the condition) is because print runs were lower back in the day and/or less folks thought to keep them. Comics were regularly thrown out (either by kids who didn't care or their parents after the kids had long abandoned them).

You're probably never again gonna see any craziness like the worth of Action Comics #1 (first appearance of Superman and of a superhero) or Amazing Fantasy #15 (intro of Spider-Man).

Anyway, anything is only worth what someone will pay for it, as I've discovered when trying to get rid of old stuff on eBay. Not that they're worth any more than cover price, but I tried to sell off the first six issues (plus yearbook) of Seth Green's Freshmen for much less than their cover, just to get rid of them since I'd bought the trade. No luck though, no bites. If no one wants it, you're outta luck.

Buy comics to read 'em and share, I wouldn't think of anything from a major publisher released in the past twenty or so years as an investment.
TFAW sent me the variant cover for #2. Damn... So now I have to order the second printing - not quite the same, really.

By the way, I've ordered one of these: Limited Edition Print

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