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April 26 2007

Add Whedonesque to your startpage. Google provides a fun and easy way to keep tabs on the Whedonverse.

You can go to and customize your own home page. You can add news, weather, Whedonesque, Nathan Fillion's blog, and much more.

Personally, I've been looking for a new homepage (ever since Yahoo began posting Heroes spoilers on Monday afternoon!) and I'm super impressed with Google's flexibility.

I wonder how many of us already have our homepage set to Whedonesque?

I do! I do!

(also, tabs to our .org and flickr sites)
I've had it set to Whedonesque for years now.
This story would have benifited from an explanation as to why we need google to set whedonesque as our homepage.
Pumps, it's not to set Whedonesque as your homepage, but rather to add the feed from Whedonesque to your Google homepage.
It doesnt set Whedonesque as your homepage, it allows you to add a news feed to your Google homepage.

I've been using it for at least a year. (It's not really news. But it's good to get the word out, I guess, because it's awesome.)
I've edited my post to try and explain it better.

You don't actually have to make Google your homepage. You can still choose from thousands of "stuff" to view, and see it whenever you visit It's so cool.

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Yeah I've had Google Homepage for awhile, I really like it.
Personally I find Netvibes(.com) much better. It handles RSS feeds better than Google's and has a ton more modules. Plus I can view the page in a mini-window inside the homepage. (As I'm doing now in fact) Very easy to navigate.

(Look for the XML button at the bottom of Whedonesque and add the link as a new feed)

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There are tons of startpages/personalised homepages to do this with. I use Netvibes, like Satertek does. Not sure why we should advertise the Google 'homepage' in particular.
I've never heard of Netvibes before, but it appears to take things up a notch as far as requiring motivation and web-master knowledge to make a personal home page. Not sure how many regular folks would use it compared to Google.

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Eh, I just read the feed from my trusty Firefox. :D
Yep, Live Bookmarks, both necessary and sufficient ;).

(Whedonesque sits up there between Jane Espenson and John 'Kung Fu Monkey' Rogers)
I use Netvibes (it's how I get here every hour, I mean day) and I am no web-master.
There's also Pageflakes. And Microsoft's They're all pretty easy to personalise.
You can also add the Whedonesque feed to your blog/site/MySpace via a widget (Blidget) I made some time back, you can get it from Widgetbox.
I use which lets you set your links. I have the Serenity theme as my home page. I think that they have a Buffy and an Angel themed one as well.

edited for spelling.

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The "news" here is that you no longer have to add Whedonesque by hand via "Add by URL". Apparently Whedonesque is now popular enough to be officially listed by Google. Woo!

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