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April 26 2007

Wanna pre-order the next two episodes of Drive? Though episodes 5-13 are listed for pre-order, please remember than only six episodes were ever filmed. You can also purchase downloads of Episode 1 - 4 for $1.99 each. Amazon Unbox only has episode 1-4 for sale same price.

Amazon Unbox Drive Episodes 1-4

Of course, you can still watch episodes for free on and also become Drive's (drive has 14116 friends. 04/26/2007) friend.

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I thought they'd only filmed six?
With only six episodes 'in the can' and Fox cancelling the series, will we ever see episodes 7-13?

I sure want to see the arc and resolution - I need to know that baby Sam and Katheryn come out OK, as do the other sympathetic characters (that aren't suffering a terminal disease.)

Let there be 13.

Also, iTunes has been updated to reflect a total of four episodes (available individually at $1.99 or together for $7.96)

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This link is just kinda like twisting the knife. Isn't it?
At least we won't need to make a Sophie's choice between Drive and HIMYM on Monday night.
They had the pre-orders up before the ANNOUNCEMENT.

Hmmm, maybe someday we can pre-order Firefly Episode 15. Even if it is only to show that people are willing to part with plasticy money on the possibility.
So if say, oh around 6 or 7 million, fans pre-order the yet-to-exist Drive episodes 7-13, could this income stream actually be put toward funding to make them?

If so, I'm totally ready to pre-order Firefly Seasons 2-5 also.

I'm willing to burn up my plasticy money till it's all melty... heh...
11th- I was just sitting here thinking about ordering them all anyhow....
By the way, I'm not going to order the Drive Season 1 Full Pass because it would not be a good deal if there ends up being only 6. Already bought Drive Episodes 1, 2 and 3.

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There are only 6 episodes of DRIVE. Despite CNN and everybody else reporting similar, they are wrong. Absolutely, positively. Uhm, sorry.
Might be an idea to either remove this thread or reword it to better explain the true situation. When I read the thread title I actually thought they had decided to make the last seven episodes somehow for a DVD release or something along those lines. I thought I might actually be getting to see the end of the race. :(
Well to avoid confusion, I've reworded the subject line.
Man someone was busy. When I woke up this morning my rss reader had like 4 stories about drive being canceled on Whedonseque.

The most this appointing thing is that there will never be any resolution ever. I could live with 13 episodes that had an end. That's one of the things I dug about Wonderfalls, there was some sense of closure. Not immediate, finality but I felt rewarded for watching the whole boxed set.

My friend and I used to joke that if we ever got a show on Fox we'd have to treat 13 episodes like a mini-series so if we got canceled we'd have a complete story. I guess now all we'd get it 6.
Tim put some of the scripts up... maybe he'll put the rest up? Not the same thing.. but *sigh*.
FOX hands down it he worst network in television. What happened to the startup TV network that used to stick with shows like this? What happened to the FOX network that used to pride itself on being different? At the very least, try a new time slot. My gosh.

If your a producer/writer and FOX gives you a green light you can basically kiss your show goodbye. A new show getting a chance on FOX is like hoping for good odds in Vegas with your life savings.
And what is exactly the harm in pre-ordering episode 7-13?

Might end up showing 20th Century Fox the Production Company some interest. Finish the Race.
If they put up a link for Firefly Season II or Serenity II with the text "No Promises but we will keep 20th Century Fox and Universal apprised of the orders", wouldn't you pre-order it?

It is a little more tangible then petitions and such.

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If your a producer/writer and FOX gives you a green light you can basically kiss your show goodbye. A new show getting a chance on FOX is like hoping for good odds in Vegas with your life savings.

Except that FOX will pay you quite a bit of money. Tim makes a good living getting screwed by Fox repeatedly.
Pretty much. And sooner or later, one of Tim's shows will hit, and it'll hit big. It's the rule of TV -- a vast majority of shows don't make it past the first episode, let alone the first season. But occasionally they do, and those are the shows we all know.

I don't know Tim. But I like to think he doesn't sit around in his pants going 'Hmm, what I create today so FOX can cancel it?'. Hopefully it's more 'Hey, here's a cool idea..'. Those ideas keep me entertained about once a year or two, and put people in work, so alls fair in love and war to me. Obviously, I'm sad Drive was canceled on a selfish level as I thought it was greatly entertaining, and I'm sad it's canceled as it's put people out of jobs (I read on AICN people at Zoic got let go on Monday, for example). But if he's back at FOX with another show next year, I'll be back.

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This reminds me of the Silicon Valley ecosystem - many startups fail, but are still considered 'successful' in the sense of the innovation which gets folded back into the ecosystem into the next venture.

Drive's Zoic Studios (Loni Peristere) pioneered some tricky motion tracking camera/green-screen/cgi techniques which are sure to be leveraged in other productions.

...I'm just trying to be positive past the grief...
zeitgeist How lovely is your new color...

I'm sad about Drive. I can't really blame Fox in this, they tried. I actually wish pre-ordering TV were something we could do. Maybe networks could like list their projects in development on their sites, and we could vote on them, before they get made, and you know, maybe that would give them some confidence to let a show last long enough to get an audience.
I just pray to the network gods, that future projects from whedon vets get an opportunity on any other network but FOX. FOX SUX plane and simple. They have a quicker hook then a fisherman.
--a vast majority of shows don't make it past the first episode, let alone the first season.

Very true, in fact, it's quite a feat to get a pilot accepted. I seem to recall that the major networks can expect over 50 story ideas submitted every season. Out of those, only a dozen or so are selected for the pilot stage, then they tend to whittle that number even further. In light that Tim is picked every season to write a show would seem to indicate that they have faith in his ability.

And I'm afraid to say that the time the major networks were willing to carry a ratings challenged series in hopes that the numbers would improve are over. With the competition being this tight, they can no longer afford to do so. If a new series doesn't generate positive numbers within the first 3-4 episodes, they have to cut their loses. The fact that they're willing to push the last two episodes of "Drive" into the off-season to be replaced with reruns of "House" tells me they were already in the red budget wise. I hate it as much as the next person, but it boils down to money. And it isn't just Fox. ABC, NBC, and CBS have all been quick to swing the ax these past couple of seasons.

And I regret to say that episodes 7-13 will never see the film stage. Again, there's no money in it. Even possible future DVD sales will not cover the cost of seven episodes. Our best hope will be that Fox will allow Tim to post the seven remaining scripts on his site. That depends on his contract and if he even has them written. Sorry for the gloom, just trying to be realistic.

Now, if you kind people would please excuse me, I think I better check my meds. If I'm defending Fox, there must be a problem;)
maybe tim could go to hbo or something. i guess fox should get some credit for actually putting on the shows (even if they are killed too soon)
I read the other day about how all the FX houses in H'wood are completely slammed finishing up the summer blockbusters, surely an extremely talented, established house like Zoic has plenty of work? Although perhaps like every other production job in LA, they hire people on a contractual basis.
There. :) I've ordered episodes 1, 2, 3, 4 and pre-ordered 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. Hopefully, I should be able to download 1-6 at some point.
I thought this was such a brilliant idea and it seemed like hardly anybody else did. Well, FollowMal elsewhere, said
Can't have higher praise for an idea than 11th Hour liking it IMHO.
So yeah, this is a brillant idea.

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