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April 27 2007

David Fury talks about his recent career to date. And this covers amongst other things: 24, Lost and of course Buffy and Angel (and there's also much praise for Joss too). This is a really good forthright interview with him and well worth reading. Oh and check out the Smile Time pic.

He looks just like one of the "muppets" in that pic.
Joss has just an extraordinary love of what he does, extraordinary love of writing and such affection for his characters. . . . Joss never lost the love of any of his characters, and it was remarkable, because seven years into “Buffy” or five years into “Angel,” he loved those characters. He couldn’t bear to let them go away . . .

It shows.

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I loved reading that. A lot of the 24 talk went over my head because I've never really watched it with any consistency, but Fury is so interesting, interesting in that he seems to like taking chances and stretching himself as a writer.

Though this made me wonder why he left Lost: I certainly enjoyed my time there. I loved writing the show, and when I regrettably moved to “24,” I tried to do the same.

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Yeah, that's a great pic from that "unidentified sketch." The interviewer didn't seem to know much at all about Fury's pre-24 period, but at least he got him to open up about Joss. Nice praise, that, for the man who really deserves an Emmy from someone who also deserved the two he got.
I noticed that too Tonya J. Anyone have the story on that "regrettable" move?

Awesome interview, makes me want to give Fury a big appreciative virtual hug.

Everyone should go read this interview.
Very thorough, with the pictures and the trading cards and the videos. Nice.
I forgot to add that I think Fury meant Deep Impact, not Sudden Impact when they were talking about more acceptance for a different kind of President being at least partially attributed to 24's storylines (Yeah, I would vote for Morgan Freeman too!).
One of the nicest, most generous and most intelligent guys I know, that Fury. Plus, he DOES look like a Muppet! :-D
How funny - I happened to be going through my links today and reading old David Fury interviews - looking for some Angel Season 6 references that somebody mentioned on whedonesque recently - and I was just thinking that I'd like to hear from him again. It was a good interview - though I don't care much about Lost or 24, I do care about David, and hope he does "find those projects where I can continue to love these characters, not become tired of them after a few years, and still think there are stories to tell about them." So say we all.

(Although several of my Buffy/Angel writers/producers have taken hits recently, so it's also good to see one whose great show has not been cancelled lately...)

"and there’s somebody who has long deserved an Emmy for what he brought to television."

And ain't that the frakkin' truth.

(If David actually supplied the photo from "Smile Time" I so do not get why it was unidentified, unless he was being coy for our benefit... yes, that could well be, couldn't it?)
I love Fury. He's the greatest and writes some of the best scripts out there (not to mention his acting chops!). Whenever LOST or 24 wins an Emmy, I sit on the edge of my seat and then freak out once they pan over him--it's a weird pride thing, but I love my buffyverse writers finding such great success.
I like that Smile Time picture because the puppeteers are in the shot. I was one of the lucky winners of the raffle at the recent OMWF/Smile Time screening in LA where I won a (signed) picture of Fury with just the puppets, but he looks all smiley and adorable in that one too.
Thank you, Simon, it has been so long since we've read an excellent interview with David Fury. I really miss his sense of humor on the sly. What a talented man.

I don't think I've anything to add to the comments posted above except this. Did anyone else get the sense he's pining a bit for Angel and Buffy? Oh, aren't we all.
Madhatter, I definately got that impression. He brought the two shows up, along with Joss, almost every chance he got. :D
Enjoyed the "Helpless" talk. Love that episode. Easily in my Top 3 of Season 3.

I got a lot out of the 24-talk in that article.

I'm struggling a bit to like this season (although it may be due to the fact that this is the first time since Season 2 where I'm watching live instead of waiting for the DVDs and then marathoning it. Very different experience). Season 6 started off brilliantly, I felt. It began with the country in a state of chaos and, perhaps permanently, broke any parallels it had to real life and made it so that the 24-verse is even more paranoid than in previous seasons due to all the attacks, and much different than the real one. It looked like it would examine a different aspect of Jack. It had balls. Not long after those first four opening episodes, it kinda lost 'em.

Way too much time spent with the President(s) in the bunker this year. We've seen enough President-focused storylines already--first with David Palmer, though his took up mercifully less time in Season 3 and there was barely any President story in Season 4 when Keeler was in charge, but Season 5 brought it to a new extreme and ended up being the focus of the main arc in the end. I think for Season 7, the writers somehow need to find a reason to have the Pres. less involved, or simply have his (or her, for all I know) decision-making scenes explained by one of the CTU operatives mentioning an order that just came in over the phone.

Some of what David Fury said has reassured me that things might improve and change enough to keep me invested. Having spent nearly six seasons with the series, I would hate to get bored enough that I simply give up on the series (The X-Files was a prime example of this kind of disappointment as far as my viewing habits go. The other major was Party of Five, which I really regret now, having missed Sean Maher on it). I like to follow through with these things to the very end.

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Great interview.
Wonderful interview. He's so refreshingly straightforward. I hope he gets back to a show where he can really tell stories--24 is so lockstep (unless they can really manage to do something different next year). I liked the bit about him losing Giles his job. Very naughty.
Also, I like Fury because he showed up at the OMWF/Smile Time sceening in Pasadena. Sounds like a good guy.
And (sorry, OT) QuoterGal did you find that Angel Season 6 info.? I was wondering about that, too.

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