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April 27 2007

AMC's "Mad Men" site is open. The cast features Vincent Kartheiser, who was Connor on "Angel". He plays a newcomer to a major Madison Avenue advertising firm, and looks a lot different in a suit than he did on "Angel". The show will premiere in July.

Christina Hendricks is also there. Looks interesting.
LOL, what a babyface! This show looks very shiny. Hope it's a success for them both!
This show does look interesting. And, yes, what a babyface!
I hope The Movie Network in Canada picks it up, it looks worthwhile.

AMC has its own channel ? Up here, they're just a struggling American theatre chain (Cineplex and Famous Players theatres--now the same company--are dominant where I am).
Kris, this AMC is the American Movie Channel on cable TV, not American Multi-Cinema Inc., the theater chain.
I didn't know that AMC (American Movie Classics .... or 'Channel'? .... not sure which) did original series'. Is this a first, anyone know? At any rate, yay Vincent, far too talented to fade into obscurity.
I recently caught a 1999 movie called "Another Day in Paradise" (I think) in which he co-starred with James Woods & Melanie Griffith & he was just excellent, playing a teen junkie/aspiring con man thief. I saw it years ago before I discovered AtS and thought "this kid should be a big star".
They had a "Making of Mad Men" show on AMC today. It looks like a lot of fun. Christina sounds like she had a blast making it -- though not a blast wearing the girdles and stuff! :D

I'm sorry to say I didn't even recognize Vincent. I think it's because of both the suit and him being so clean and tidy. Not his normal look on Angel.

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