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April 27 2007

Get free tickets to see Nathan Fillion on the The Late Late Show on May 8th. SCREEEEE!!!!!

Tue May 8, 2007 3:45 PM
Nathan Fillion, The Fratellis
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Get Free Tickets to taping.

Melinda posted this on that space we are not supposed to advertise.

[ edited by Simon on 2007-04-28 08:45 ]

About time! Too bad I can't go since I'm going to see "Waitress" in Sacramento...and I'd need a plane ticket...but I'll be sure to tune in. Today, Craig Furgeson, tomorrow, Live with Regis and Kelly (or Jimmy Kimmel, either one works).
I got my tickets!
damn!!! and patti smith is going to be on too!!!
yet another reason i miss livin' in L.A.
actually, if the taping was on a Friday, i'd consider making a daytrip and spend the weekend.
i only hope "waitress" plays here. i'm thinking that it won't. :P
Dude, bright eyes on the same show as Larry the Cable Guy. Thats a weird pairing.
Whoo-hoo! Somebody got tickets!!!!
Huh, wonder if he was originally booked on there to promote Drive.
This is why I love Craig, dude does his own thing. He's had Lawrence Block, David Milch and other such people on the show. He puts people on there that he likes and wants to talk to. Not just folks that are promoting stuff. He's not as good as Stewart or Letterman, but he's easily better than Conan and Leno.
darn it, i wish i still lived in los angeles, too. (must go cry now).
What's the time difference between being taped and shown on TV??
I'm going. Thanks for the tip, Anonymous1.
thewatch | April 29, 05:33 CET
What's the time difference between being taped and shown on TV??

It seems they tape this show at 3:45 or so in the afternoon and then show somenight. I'm reading reports that it will be shown the 10th or the 11th of May.
Whoo-hoo! Two people have gotten tickets!!! You are welcome! I am so happy for you and Nathan! Whoo-hoo! Two people will be in the audience who know who Nathan Fillion is.

I hope they don't overbook these things.
I got tickets too. Just need to drive up from San Diego.
Whoo-hoo! Three people. Good luck!
at first, i was sad cos i thought they were going to talk just about Drive, but then after watching ebert and roeper, I realized that they were probably going to talk about Waitress (which is getting great reviews).

Is that ebert and roeper review online anywhere?
madmolly has tickets!
dreamlogic has tickets!
goth_huntress tickets!
Mudkicker has tickets!

Four people!
Tickets are free so, yes, they totally overbook. Also, Nathan's appearance has been moved to Thursday 5/10 according the the Late Late show website.

[ edited by TartFuel on 2007-05-01 12:13 ]
Guess I should have just gone to bed an hour ago.

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