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April 27 2007

A smiling and laughing SMG highlights the 3 minute preview of Suburban Girl available now. Sarah also attended the premiere of Suburban Girl tonight at the the Tribeca Film Festival.

That clip is really cool, I must say...

It's great to see her laughing and smiling again, even if it's in a movie.

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Here's a link to the premiere pictures:

Can't wait to see the film.

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I love the way she disappears into a part. She looks outright mousy, which is definitely a stretch for her. And ultradorable, which ain't.

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Sarah is completely selling me on the whole film in that clip. Adorable.
Sarah is completely selling me on the whole film in that clip. Adorable.

Same here.

Just from the short clip you can tell she has Jane's insecurities down pat and the relationship between them seems to be just like the book.
Nice clip. If the rest of the movie is that good, she and Nathan Fillion will kind of dominate the movie world...long enough to show they can. It was intersting seeing her and Alec Baldwin like that, as if it was "30 Rock" set in the publishing world. SMG did have that "Tina Fey's younger sister" look. Anyone notice the song in the background was "Space Age Love Song", A Flock of Seagulls' other hit? Yes, I'm that old.
She just better make sure she keeps her cell phone on... ohhh did I go there?

Doesn't really look like my kind of movie, but good on her.
Oh Mort! *high five*

Yeah. I love SMG but this really isn't my type of movie. Having said that I will probably end up watching it at some point.
Not my type of movie as well, but it's a sheer joy to watch Sarah in her element. I'm so pleased to see her acting in these dramatic roles which she is so awesome. Really looking forward to her future in film.
Not sure it's a movie that I will see, but the clip was good. And, for someone who doesn't think she laughs well in scenes, her laughter here looked convincing.
I was somewhat ambivalent to seeing this until now. Figured I would get around to it at some point. I completely LOVED this clip though and am excited about the movie now. She looks great and as odd as it was to see her with Alec Baldwin, it worked somehow.
Whoa, she's just so good. That is one recognizable, real person she's got going there-in just a few minutes.
I'm not sure I have a type of movie that I avoid aside from romantic comedies that look brainless from the trailers. I see very few romantic comedies. This looks like a well-written dramatic romance (with maybe some cutesy humor, not slapstick or frantic). It's not the sort of thing I usually see in theatres, but I'll probably catch it on The Movie Network eventually or rent it if I hear really good things. The clips were promising.
Not really my sort of thing but those clips (particularly the first one) may have sold it and i'll probably check it out (possibly at the cinema, that being the cheaper option for me).

Don't think i'll ever tire of hearing her voice and yep, palehorse, agreed, seems like she's been practicing laughter, hopefully because her real life is so full of it ;).

(haven't read the book, BTW, but I still reckon "The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing" is a much more interesting title)

And as an aside, how utterly disgusting is it that a private voicemail has been opened to the world and used, out of anything resembling a context, to judge a person's worth ? Seems to me we should be careful about who or what we might be becoming as a society.
I can't wait to see this. I loved the book (which I'd avoided for ages thinking it was standard chic lit fare). I'm also really looking forward to seeing Sarah in a different kind of role.
Huh... the clip is mildly appealing in its own right, but it feels like they've vanilla'd the story so. It's really different from the way I remember "The Girl's Guide." (And yeah, Saje, they've certainly vanilla-d the title, too, haven't they?) I remember the Baldwin character as really icky in the book, and it certainly wasn't their love story. More about the "Girl" finding herself by way of the work and the wrong relationships. I expected Baldwin to be a little less, I don't know, appealing in this movie. Interesting.

I have a newfound appreciation of his work from 30 Rock, BTW. He really is a brilliant comedic actor -- Pete Schwetty wasn't just a fluke. And regarding the trend of private voicemails being made public, and our collectively gleeful listening and replaying of them on air, yeah. It's pretty awful. Let's hope Alec apologizes to one of our designated reps (Oprah, Matt Lauer, Barbara Walters, or Al Sharpton) soon, so the world will be right again. /rolls eyes
Seems like a real good chance that the private voicemail was revealed to the media by the recipient, or someone close to her...the sort of thing that could just as easily have happened to a private letter, and long ago. And there have always been resentful and angry people happy to embarrass/humiliate someone they are mad at.

The problem is that anyone thinks this is news, or a legitimate topic for public discussion, and will print or broadcast such a story. Seems to me that the folks who did that are the people who will be primarily responsible for any lasting traumatic effects of the incident, even if they got the story from the kid herself.

The lurid fascination with celebrity gossip (and I'm certainly not immune) may be unstoppable. But it seems like we should at least try to resist it, in the hopes that it will be seen as less of an audience pleaser. Because it's pretty obvious that it ain't going to be cured by a sudden surge of journalistic integrity. Ick.
I get that the whole voicemail thing is relatively recent, but let's try to stick to the topic of the post please.

The book is sitting on one of my shelves and I've been playing with the idea of reading it before the film hits the theatre. It's going to be great seeing Sarah on the big screen again. This clip solidifies the fact that I will actually go to the theatre instead of waiting for the dvd.

Oh yeah, Anyone know what song/group is playing in the first clip?

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Herb: Impalergeneral said that it is a cover of "Space Age Love Song" by A Flock of Seagulls.

I read the book about a year and a half ago and really enjoyed it. The scene and its tone felt pretty true to the story and I was rather impressed by it. Hopefully the film stays as true to the story as this clip. I look forward to seeing this film at the cinema.
Huh... the clip is mildly appealing in its own right, but it feels like they've vanilla'd the story so. It's really different from the way I remember "The Girl's Guide." (And yeah, Saje, they've certainly vanilla-d the title, too, haven't they?) I remember the Baldwin character as really icky in the book, and it certainly wasn't their love story. More about the "Girl" finding herself by way of the work and the wrong relationships. I expected Baldwin to be a little less, I don't know, appealing in this movie. Interesting.

It's funny that you say that since I've seen people who have not seen the film (but have read the book) say that they thought Alec would not make a charming and convincing Archie. Archie in the novel was a bit of a brute but he was also a charming character and a sympathetic character. Archie was a character that you weren't sure that you could like but you liked some things about. I've actually had the pleasure of seeing the film and Alec makes a very convincing Archie; he has his vices but he's also a charmer.

Keep in mind that this clip is only a small part of the film, so one can not tell whether or not they've "vanilla-ed" the book with this "adaptation". Also remember that unlike a novel where one can read the character's thoughts, in a film you kind of have to see through the character's eyes. We sort of need to see Archie as somewhat appealing to understand why Brett/Jane could find him appealing. We have to understand him as a complex character and see him as such or else he becomes very one dimensional. isn't really an adaptation of the entire book, it's only based on two chapters within the actual book (the ones which do focus heavily on Jane's relationship with Archie and with her father). Those two chapters are "My Old Man" and "The Worst Thing a Suburban Girl Could Imagine" hence the title of the film, "Suburban Girl". Also another reason for the name change was that the rights to "The Girl's Guide..." actually belong to someone else and the fimmakers were using the title illegally. Anyway, the film (like those two chapters) is as much about her relationship with Archie as it is about her finding her way and growing up.
See below for comment

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They didn't have much choice but to change the title as Coppola apparently owns the title "The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing" and that particular short story and apparently wants to make a movie out of it

ETA Not commenting on Kyotoyoshi use of the word "illegally" since I remember someone or somewhere else using the word as well but this is the first picture I recall where that word is used with conations of criminal activity and not the milder "used without permission"
That's interesting. Titles aren't protected by copyright (for instance just type 'Hero' into IMDB and see how many hits you get ;) so i'm curious how they could be 'made' to change anything (though I could understand if they just chose to change it to avoid any possible confusion).

Or maybe it's been trademarked (though I bet that's uncommon for normal films/books/etc because it can be pretty expensive to defend - and the owner is obligated to do so to maintain their rights) ?

And yeah barest, i've now seen some of '30 Rock' and Baldwin's very good in it, great delivery of some truly great lines. Don't know much about the US TV industry but i've been (pleasantly) surprised at how much bite some of the episodes have.

(I read somewhere that he'd asked to be released from the second season because of the current kerfuffle, hope that was just a rumour or that, as you say, he can receive absolution from an appropriately 'qualified' source ;)
Thank you, Kyotoyoshi, for suggesting (as I was thinking of doing) that the filmakers were showing the Alec Baldwin character's appear from the Sarah Michelle Gellar character's point of view, so the viewer could get why she's attracted to him (perhaps because he laughs away her fears/anxieties) while also dropping subtle hints that he may not be the best guy (since he's not particularly conscientious and seems to be undercutting her boss--I'm just guessing, since I haven't read the book). I'm intrigued by the complex emotional dynamic. I like the way (just guessing again) the strengths he brings to the relationship may be tied to a corresponding weakness (both of which might be summarized as: he doesn't take things too seriously) and that her weakness (extreme anxiety) may be tied to a strength (extreme conscientiousness). The clip raises all sorts of questions that I want to see the movie for answers to.

ETA: You remind me of something Joss said about the audience having to go through what the character is going through emotionally -- so in this scene we see him as she sees him, a charming guy who helps her with a problem and makes her feel better.

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So, any chance of getting your impression of the movie and SMG's work, Kyotoyoshi?

And Saje, Baldwin mentioned that he'd asked to be released on a show called The View, which is the kind of show you go on to get that absolution. He also talked about maybe leaving the film industry. We'll see.
And yet his character doesn't seem 100% charming to me- he's kind of making fun of her character in not necessarily a good way (like-I can't believe you had any doubt this manuscript was crap) and sort of acting like her concerns are dopey. I mean, it all seems charming at first, so like Pointy was noting, a complicated character , and one with an edge of smugness, eh?

garda:I don't think "illegal" is quite as serious a word as all that. It does not necessarily mean criminal, it just means unlawful, which can refer to civil, as well as criiminal law. Like, say, breaching a contract is illegal, but not criminal- you can't be fined , or go to jail for failing to fullfill a contract, though you can be sued for damages by an injured party.

But, as Saje noted, titles are not protected by copyright.
Both Sarah and Alec - who I've started to like from 30 Rock, as well - look like they're doing a fine job, and this clip encourages me to see it... I haven't read the book, as I understand that the author is still alive, and I tend to read only books by the long-dead... but it has a much more intriguing (to me) title than the one they changed it to - but then, there's reasons I'm not in marketing...

Um, the T.S. Eliot quote they use at the opening of the clip is just a teensy bit wrong. It's "Some editors are failed writers, but so are most writers.' - not "Most editors..." I mean, he was probably pissed off, but maybe not that sweepingly.

Call me Miss Quibble-Pants, but quotin' is, after all, in my name.
You listen here, Miss Quibble-Pants... well, I haven't actually got anything to say, I just wanted to call someone Miss Quibble-Pants. Please, PTB, let Alec Baldwin return to 30 Rock for a glorious second season, and if its not too much to ask, please throw in a full second season order for the incredibly underappreciated Friday Night Lights. The cookies and milk (and the goat) are under the tree/in the center of the pentagram/baphomet thingy. I hope you find them to your liking, and if you are feeling especially benevolent: a) take some Pepto, cause yick, benevolence can last days if left untreated and b) remember that talk we had about Fox execs? Well, they cancelled Mr. Minear's latest show... I'm just saying.
zeitgeist, there never be another like you. That was excellent!
And I think orange looks stunning on you...
Liked the book better than I thought I would, and I'm looking forward to seeing this movie, because I've been saying for ages that I wanted to see SMG get some recognition beyond horror/genre/Scooby-Doo roles. Not that I don't love her as Buffy, but she's too good to be typecast.
Very fair points, Kyotoyoshi and Pointy. It's been several years since I read the book, and my primary memory of Archie is from one of those ick moments when I thought "what on earth is she doing with him?" He must have been somewhat sympathetic, and of course it would make sense to make him more so if the film is centered around that relationship. I remember also saying Baldwin would be perfect, when I read he'd landed the part, I just didn't expect to like Archie at all. The clip has me reconsidering. His turn as Jack in 30 Rock proves he can be contemptible and completely endearing all at once, so I'm sure he can make us ride the wave in this too.

And the PTB at NBC have (wisely) limited their comments on his future with that show to: "Alec Baldwin remains an important part of `30 Rock.' We look forward to having him continue his role in the show."

Lastly, Kyotoyoshi -- you sound like you have so much inside scoop. Did you work on/near the film? Do tell us more about what you thought of the thing, overall...
I am so excited about this film that I can hardly stand it. Sarah looks great and is already luring me in to meet a new character.

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