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April 28 2007

GameFAQs runs MMO poll featuring Firefly. Today's poll question is "Which science fiction/fantasy universe would you most like to see made into an MMORPG?".

Right now we're trailing behind PotC and Harry Potter. Not good at all.

Isn't one being made already? Oddly enough, without Joss' direct involvement, I'm not really interested at all... although I'm not even sure how those MMORPG games work...
There's one being discussed (and already licensed), although I don't think it has a developer assigned yet, so it's probably a moot point. Personally, I thought one of the best MMORPG targets ever was going to be The Matrix -- however that turned into a disaster.
Yeah I don't actually see the point of this poll, seeing we're going to get an MMORPG. It's like IMDB asking which scifi series should be turned into a movie "Vote for Firefly!".

So this may disappear.
The Poll results seem fairly predictable as well. Firefly is third, led by two very recognizable "Mainstream" Fandoms: Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean.
The show I'd most like to see as an MMO is the post-apocalyptic show The Tribe, but from those, my vote definitely goes to Firefly. Harry Potter would work very well though, surprised they haven't made that yet.
You can take it from this posting that this link isn't going to deleted. So has anyone got any updates about the Firefly MMORPG that's in development? It's been a wee while since there was any news about it.
What dismal choices, are any of those places a good place to live (spoke from the rim)
There was a lengthy podcast interview with the game developers on either The Signal or Firefly Talk a couple of months ago. IIRC, the guys doing the work were Browncoats, and were thrilled to be working on it. They've been developing a new generic MMORPG engine for some time and are getting close to the point where they can start configuring it for different settings/worlds. FOX showed them a list of shows that could be licensed, and asked the guys which ones they thought would work as an MMORPG, and they answered Firefly without even really reading the list to see if it was on it.
Disney already has their POTC game going. I think. I tried it last weekend. It's sure no City of Heroes/Villains.

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