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"Am I on speaker phone?"
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April 28 2007

Marsters is interviewed by CreationTV at the Grand Slam. Creation events now does short interviews with the guest at their events, they have now posted some from the recent Grand Slam. Also the tickets for the Salute to Firefly/Serenity event in Oct are now onsale.

RavenU, please forgive me, but I'm not seeing the link. Wonderful site though.
Madhatter > scroll down under Grand Slam Sci-Fi Summit 2007. The Marsters clip is in the 4th row at the end. You see him holding a guitar and it says "Watch James's Video".

Direct link to Marsters video.

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Oh, got it. Silly me, staring right at it.
Anyone else having trouble getting the videos to work? This link was posted on another board I belong to & I had the same problem. It tells me I need quicktime but i *have* quicktime. And clicking on RavenU's "direct link" knocked me off the entire forum, twice. No doubt issues with my computer, but thought I'd ask.
Do you have the most up-to-date version of Quicktime? I know, I had to get the latest in order to view it.
Thanks RavenU, maybe that's my problem. I should find the website and see what's available.

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