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April 29 2007

Boreanaz Has No 'Bones' About Touting NHL. "The NHL said today that actor David Boreanaz would provide the voiceover for the next series of TV spots supporting the Stanley Cup playoffs." The series of spots are called "Quest for the Cup".

Fun link -- thanks, RavenU. As a sports fan, I always get a kick out of it when Boreanaz's name comes up in an interview or story about football or hockey. He's often quoted when it comes time for ranting about fantasy leagues or celeb big game predictions.

I'm thinking back to Angel's narration of Passion and realizing he's PERFECT for this gig. There's a quiet intensity to his reading, with a little amuse-bouche of menace that builds anticipation; it should translate perfectly to a hockey playoff teaser. Wonder if he, or any other 'verse actors have done any other voiceover work?

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Ah, two things I love - David Boreanaz and the NHL. I couldn't be happier. :)
Ditto, TaraMaclay.

I loved the NHL ads from a couple of years ago with actor's voiceovers. Kiefer Sutherland did a great one with my favorite team, the Devils.

Judging from his blog, David and I have a hatred of the Rangers in common. ;)
faith21, I'm right with you on the Rangers. I've been a hockey fan since I was 16 and watched a game after seeing Bobby Orr as Sportsman of the Year on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Eventually, I got a hometown team, the Washington Capitals, and left the Bruins behind. I'm still jealous that the Devils had Scott Stevens all those years. He started his career here and we never should have let him go. I'm looking forward to hearing DB's ads.
Its always great when two of my favourite things come together, but David and Stanley Cup! Well thats just like putting a cherry on top. :p
David's enthusiasm for hockey is almost infectious. I just told my dad this and he thought it was cool. I come from your standard Canadian hockey-loving and hockey-playing family, but me and my sister are the black sheep of the family 'cause we couldn't give a stuff and never made the effort to try when we were kids either.

Having worked in many customer service-related jobs and bartending, folks will often ask me if I caught the [Toronto Maple] Leafs game last night and then I go "nope" and sometimes they probe further and ask "Do you watch hockey ?". "Nope". Around here, many of 'em look at you like you should have your citizenship revoked, heh.
That's sweet. Go Sabres!!
Man, I hope the Sabres beat the Rangers. I can't stand seeing Sean Avery anymore.

Looking forward to hearing DB do voiceover for the NHL. Should be pretty awesome.

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