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April 29 2007

Quickie Q&A with Nathan Fillion. Waitress site hosts a fluffy pie-centric Q&A session with Fillion, where we learn that he seems to have a chocolate-issue, & we see what he might look like, were he your OB/GYN.

I knew it! A fellow chocoholic! Envisioning this somewhat changed dialogue:

Zoe: Can I have your share of the money?

Mal: No.

Zoe: Can I have your share of the money if you get killed?

Mal: Yes.

Zoe: Can I have your secret stash of chocolate if you get killed?

Mal: NO! And be damned, woman.

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... and pie. Chocolate pie, I rather think. Chocolate, chocolatey pie.
All the best to you & zeitgeist !! Hope you have happiness always !!!!!
Aw, thanks AncientMagicks- awfully sweet of you. We are making with the big giant happy, and would have never even had the chance were it not for Caroline allowing us entry to this, her cool little house of smart and funny talk. /bows down and looks around for something to sacrifice. Caroline, please accept this humble sacrifice of... spaghetti squash. /sheepish
I'll add my congrats to the chorus! So, isn't it time for to set up a singles chatroom? :)
How come I am imagining him gaining 20lb at the next event he is at from all the Chocolate he will be given.
So I imagine the next Browncoat cookbook will have to have a chocolate "Look at Me! I'm on TV!" pie.
Heh. At the Waitress screening at the Arclight last Tuesday the cooking school next door provided pie after the movie. I had some excellent chocolate creme. Nathan should have been there ;)
*laughs* I am suddenly reminded of that old SNL skit, "Mel Gibson, Dream Gynecologist." Sigh... my, how the times have changed. :-/

Mazel tov to the newlyweds while I am here (er, not that the two subjects are related. ;-)!!!
Dave and I went to a screening on Thursday night and we got free pie after the movie, too. Ours were mini-pies provided by Mom's Apple Pie Company, a local bakery here in Northern Virginia. Dave and I both got Bourbon Walnut Pie. Yummy. And we loved the film, too. (BTW, speaking of chocolate, I make a mean Mocha Pecan Pie.)
LOL! I remember the Mel Gibson: Dream Gynocologist skit! That was really funny! And I remember agreeing with it at the time. Now, eep!
Happiest of congratulations to the shiny couple! And may all of your pies be chocolate!
Mmm, chocolate pie... :) Thanks for the shiny wishes for happiness!
I went to the screening last week in Arizona, but we didn't get any pie. Luckily the movie was wonderful. It was fantastic seeing Nathan in this role.
Hey! Congratulations, zeitgeist and barest_smidgen! And, pie, yo. ;-)
"What's been your best date? "A blind date with a Canadian girl in LA" "

Aw, Nathan. You said you wouldn't kiss and tell! ;)

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