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April 29 2007

More writin' 'bout Firefly is on the way. BenBella Books is readying a sequel to Finding Serenity (including an essay by Nathan) for their Smart Pop line of essay books.

Finding Serenity apparently did so well for BenBella Books that they're prepping a sequel appropriately titled Serenity Found. This time around, the movie will be covered as well as the series, and those contributing essays include Nathan Fillion himself and Mutant Enemy FX guru Loni Peristere. The book will be released this October. (And, yes, I contibuted to Finding Serentiy, so before I raise any eyebrows for self-linking, allow me to add that I haven't been asked to write for the new book. I'm assuming they understandably want all new takes from all new people this time around.)

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And if you hit one of June's charity Serenity screenings, you could walk out having won a voucher good for a copy of this book.
Hee hee! JUST now posted about this at and came here to spread the word...
BenBella loves them some Joss. It's also very worthwhile to check out their Seven Season of Buffy, Five Seasons of Angel and Candace Haven's biography of the big hack himself. ;)
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Cool. 'Finding Serenity' was pretty good with very little of what i'd consider filler so i'll definitely be picking this up. Pity there aren't any returning authors though, i'd be interested to read Mercedes Lackey's take on Mal & freedom post-'Serenity'.

Keep meaning to check out the Buffy/Angel ones too.

Also, didn't they have a 'House' collection on the way ? Can't find anything on their site, hope it's still in the works.
Sounds like it will be a great collection - sadly, I will have to give it a miss given OSC's involvement. I bet Nathan's contribution will be witty and seemingly trite but there will also be deep thoughts somewhere in his contribution too, as always.
Ben Bella also did a very smart thing. They asked some fans to read the articles and find any errors - the nitpicky things only a fan would know. There weren't a lot to find, though and the essays made for good reading. Nathan's especially.
I suppose it's possible there are returning authors. But I'm not one of them, and I don't know of any Finding Serenity peeps who returned for the sequel. If Lioness has seen a proof, maybe she can confirm whether anyone returned for a second go-round or not.

And, yes, Saje -- a House book is on the way.
BTW, Amazon already has the book listed, and based on the cover image, it looks like Joss is writing a preface this time around.
This is the first I've heard of it, and BenBella generally keeps me apprised of what they're doing, so I'm guessing they've deliberately gone for an all-new contributor list this time 'round....

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