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April 30 2007

Jane Espenson talks about Buffy season 8. She's provides a good insight into the creative process for the comic book. And there's also a related interview where you can find out Jane's favourite Buffy episode, character and line.

Great interview, though I'm surprised After Ellen of all places thinks that Tara was in "Conversations with Dead People"!
I thought the same...I mean, she was originally supposed to be in it...

And Jane sure picked a great line.
That makes it "canon" for fans in other words, the events taking place within the series' pages are officially endorsed as part of the Buffy universe created by Joss Whedon.

Simon man, what are you trying to do to us ? ;-)

Yeah, nice couple of pieces (despite the odd mistake e.g. we're only certain of approx. 500 Slayers "fighting evil around the world", the rest could be working on their tans for all we know ;).
Great article and interview but hey .... both the article and the intro to the interview gave examples of episodes Jane wrote, but no mention of "Pangs"? Of course the fact that it's *my* favorite Jane ep and one of my favorite ever BtS eps has nothing to do with my indignation. *grumble*
Awww heck, did someone drop the 'C' word?

Tut, tut...

Tara's face was originally suppose to show up in "Conversations with Dead People," but it wasn't ever Tara. It was suppose to be the First imitating Tara.

I've read the original dialog penned for Tara/First ( It would have been a much more powerful scene with Tara/First in it, but also much more painful for W&T fans.

Amber Benson backed out of season 7 because she had a pror commitment to the BBC series "Ghosts of Albion" (her and Christopher Golden's creation). She also decided she didn't wish to play an evil Tara at the time, since she'd gotten so many letters from fans saying she had inspired them. Later she did play an evil vampire version of Tara for the console game "Chaos Bleeds," but that Tara was from another reality and not the "real" Tara.

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I can see how Buffy (the character) would be hard to write.
It's always a pleasure to read interviews with JE, and her blog, as well. She enjoys what she does so much that her enthusiasm is contagious. She just seems so full of interesting ideas- and totally unpretentious, too.
I like her choice for best line. The "I may be Love's bitch..." line is one of the biggest turning points in the series, showing there may be a big future for Spike...nust not the one anyone expected.
Alright, so I accept that Jane can decide who decides what is canon.
I don't accept that you accept that Rogue.

In fact, i'm not even sure I accept that I don't accept it which means I do accept it. Which is unacceptable.
It would have been a much more powerful scene with Tara/First in it...

Oddly, I disagree. I think it ended up more powerful being able to add the extra layer of emotional torture of Willow being told that she wasn't allowed to see Tara, because of what Willow had done.
"Love's bitch" works on so many levels. It's practically a mission statement. Choice of awesomeness, Jane.
I agree, theonetruebix. With Willow's insecurities and guilt, that was just giving the knife an extra little twist; bad enough that Tara couldn't appear to her, even worse to think that she was responsible for it through her own actions.

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quantumac: As far as I can put it together, Joss originally broached the subject of AMber doing FirstTara which she refused in the interests of her fans. By the time he came up with the other storyline she was no longer available due to commitments beneath the Bee Bee Sea. There might also be soem partial truth to his off-hand statement that Fox wouldn't open its pockets far enough to give Amber the deal she deserved. MAybe.

theonetruebix;Well, I agree that the line is a good additional twist of the knife. (In my own ficverse, Tara immediately post-resurrection has a few choice words for Willow.)
DaddyCatALSO: I read an interview where Amber said she agreed tenatively to show in Season 7, but then later learned the nature of her return (i.e. of the evil). She decided since she was already contractually bound to GOA, it was "a sign" that she shouldn't perform Evil Tara and backed out. I'm not sure it was ever a money thing, but it might have been. Amber does feel very strongly towards her fans, and of all the Buffy actors, she's perhaps the most approachable and genuine. The way she puts it, she puts her pants on one leg at a time and does her own yard-work.

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