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July 28 2002

Like your fan fiction high quality do ya? Look no further. This group's in the process of writing faux scripts for Angel, Buffy & Ripper. And they're good!

Very plot oriented. There's a wee bit of shipping early on but not the blatant in your face shipping or slash that most fan fiction wallows in. These guys are genuinely trying to explore "Where Do We Go From Here" with the utmost sincerity. It's high calibre. In some ways maybe even a bit better than the real thing. Xander's got a spine in a big way. Dawn doesn't whine quite as much after the first episode. They have Anyanka's voice and character *down* and I mean solid. Spike's survived the soul incident less changed than Whedon's gonna do, yet still subtly effective. Willow faces her demons with a touching moment at Tara's grave, and yet despite all this we still get to see Buffy all angsty & defiantly righteous! Beating up on vampires just like the old days. Oz makes a brief appearance and it's very tastefully done. They have his voice down good too, but that's not hard to do. Just don't write in complete sentences.

To be honest I don't know about the Angel stuff cuz I'm still reading through the Buffy stuff, and though they've set a place for Ripper material I don't think they've finished the first one yet. Overall I'm quite impressed. Makes me cringe when I think of my own attempts at writing season seven.

Okay. Maybe nobody likes their fan fiction high quality? Oh well. Try this crap then.
Searching through old posts, and came across this one. The link for that fanfiction doesn't work anymore. Can you post it again? Thanks.

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