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"Am I on speaker phone?"
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April 30 2007

(SPOILER) A new Nathan Fillion interview about Waitress. A nice, lengthy inteview by with Nathan Fillion.

Nice article about the movie and Nathan, but for some reason he was called an "Emmy nominee". I mean, he should be one, but he wasn't. I am looking forward to the movie next week.
Maybe he was nominated back in the day (when he was on a soap opera).

According to his Wikipedia entry:

Fillion moved to New York City in 1994 where he acted in the soap opera One Life to Live as Joey Buchanan, for which he was nominated in 1996 for a Daytime Emmy Award in the "Outstanding Younger Actor" category.

Aw, reading the stuff about having a "steady TV role" made me sad.

Also, yay for Canadians! Nathan's representin', yo! :-)

Really, I can't wait to see this movie.
Nathan was nominated for a Daytime Emmy, just like SMG? Didn't know that.
all this talk about pie is making me miss Marie Callender's even more (there aren't any in Philadelphia), but i am so curious about what would be in "hey i am on tv" pie
Another wonderful interview with Nathan. His answer to the question "What's it like now that Hollywood is going more to Canada?" was very heartfelt and immediately called to mind this October 2005 article from the LA Times, which describes Joss' efforts in shooting and completing Serenity in Hollywood rather than shipping the production work out of town (with some light searching, the article itself is still available from the LA Times' website, for a fee).

By the way, with respect to Nathan's response to the hockey playoffs questions, clearly he is talking about the Oilers when it reads "...when I was growing up, we had the team. The owners (?) were the team. There was just no denying it."
Aw, reading the stuff about having a "steady TV role" made me sad.

I am also tempted to feel bad for Nathan, that is, until I remember that he is a young, talented, successful actor who is in Hollywood living his dream. It is then that I turn my sympathy to someone more deserving - me.
I loved that he wanted to watch the Greatest American Hero more than hockey...*grin*
They used this interview on the website, too. Great range of subjects and, as always, funny and interesting comments from our Nathan; thanks for the link, kerfuffle! :-)
Anyone else think that the writer edited his grammar, and that he really said "Ain't it just?" instead of "Isn't it just?" Not that I think Nathan generally has bad grammar, it would just make me happy if he said that. (;

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