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"That man is playing Galaga! Thought we wouldn't notice. But we did."
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April 30 2007

Inside Joss Whedon's Brain (Really). A fun little animation exploring Joss's brain.

That's hilarious! Pretty much covers all the bases, too...loved that Kai was included in the Hall of Heroes!
Excellent find kerfuffle!

An Oliver North Musical? Are auditions still open? ;-)

Hey, where's the part about being a "serial-character-killer?"

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OMG! I love that!

He wanted to be British! Yays! I don't feel so ashamed about my anglophilia anymore :D

We have so much in common... the anglophilia... the strange, unlovable childhood (and, for me, adulthood)...

Joss, if you're reading, we were clearly meant to be BFF! Call me! :D

But it was first posted over 4 years (are we really that old? - mmmm what can be happening in June- I wonder). So it can stay :).

You are clearly experiencing some kind of loop where the same stories repeat over and over. 4 years? Sheesh I feel old.
Oh nice one. This was new to me!
Simon: June? The "After Apocalypse Party" of course! Everyone knows apocali always happen in late May.
June. June...

No, sorry, I can't think of anything.
You are clearly experiencing some kind of loop where the same stories repeat over and over.

I will never tire of that Numfar animation. It's strangely hypnotic (works well with the Dancing Hampster music for some reason).
Man, I actually remember when this was posted before. The time, she does fly.
Yep, I remember it, too. But I wasn't even a lurker at the time of the 2003 thread. So I must have stumbled across it some other way.

ETA: I take that back. That is about the time that I first saw Buffy, so I may actually have seen the link here.

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That was rather fun. Certainly, though, few things are more irksome than pretentious and stuck-up American gits who affect British expressions and spelling and flavours and so on, and make cackhanded attempts to inject "bloody" and "knickers" and "rubbish" and "brolly" and "take the piss" into each and every conversation. Bugger - it's bloody annoying. Innit?


This link sent me exploring around the BenBella Book site, and I found the short Joss blurb about his biography by Candace Havens, Joss Whedon: The Genius Behind Buffy, which was typically Jossian:

“Possibly the finest book of the century; It's exactly like A Tale of Two Cities, but with 30% more me.”

What a git.
There's more to this animation than meets the eye. This is worth revisiting on a quadrennial basis.
I have never seen this before, but my brain saw it before my eyes did. I've been writing a story with the same title.
Fabulous! I hadn't seen it before. I, too, could watch Numfar's dance at length. Strangely hypnotic indeed, Simon.
New to me, new to me! Thanks ever so.

"Numfar! No longer do the dance of joy." That will never, ever get old.
I didn't come here until '05, so this was new to me as well.

Quite fun.
"zeitgeist! do the dance of canon!"
QuoterGal, y'all are crazier than a barrel full o' cactus stuck racoons. Pre-tentious ? That dawg won't hunt but if it did it'd be more ornery than a one legged man at an ass-kickin' contest and twice as twitchy as a long-tailed cat in a rockin' chair factory.


Funny flash (original post before my time too). And that's just the right side of his brain (the other hemisphere being dedicated to who'd win between Buffy and Batman, whether "Wazzuppp" can still be used in conversation, even ironically and "If all history is relative, there can be no such concept as being. Discuss").

What i'd really like to know though is why ? Why does he walk down a corridor of such strong women ?
OZ: (V.O.) I am my thoughts. If they exist in her, Buffy contains everything that is me and she becomes me. I cease to exist.
Thank you! That was great! Do you have the ballet dancer in a T shirt? :)
Surely there must be a Numfar t-shirt someplace.
Land sakes and my stars and garters alive, but Saje, y'all are funnier than a screendoor in a submarine, so why does it make me want to beat you like a red-headed stepchild? Do remember this: a cracked plate will last as long as a sound one, which is sheer nonsense if you ask me.

Saje: "Why does he walk down a corridor of such strong women ?"

Well, of course, this is the question we like to ask him over and over until he goes mad, mad I tells ya (and they don't show you that part of his brain) but here is another one of his (im)pertinent answers:

"I likes 'em. My interest in women is mainly their strength. My interest in men is mainly their flaws. I realize both have both, but that's how it falls out. It's an identification with Otherness -- call it Cinematic Drag." - Joss Answers Questions Posed by Various Websites, by Haken, September 29, 2005

And personally, I think Joss is crazier than a muskrat in rollerskates...

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