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April 30 2007

How We Meet Hannigan: As Sitcom Star on Rise. Nice piece over at Compares Aly to Lucille Ball. Buffy and Alexis mentions.

Well, I once opined that she should play Lucy Ricardo in an experiemtnal re-filming of a carefully selected _I Love Lucy_ epsiode, with Amber Benson as Ethel (altho I could acept Emma Caulfield instead), Harry Groener III as Fred, and the guy who played Carlos in "Lessons" as Ricky.

Seriously, nice little interview, first I've really heard much about the wedding from the inside participants' view. And I'm glad she's doing what she wanted.

Of course I do want to see her do more drama on hiatus or after the final season. A Susan Hayward bio-pic?
Thanks for mentioning that the headline is a SPOILER!!

For shows that aren't available on DVD or iTunes, some of us don't have the luxury of being as up to date as the rest of y'all.

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