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April 30 2007

Nathan Fillion's appearance on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet. Video link to Nathan's appearance to promote Waitress with Jeremy Sisto.

Oh my god, Nathan was on did I not know that? I can't stand soaps, but I've been watching OLTL the past couple of weeks to watch Broadway actor Jon Groff in his recurring role. Too funny.

I am soo excited for Waitress! Is it going to be released nationally?
He played the Joey Buchanan that Dorian had a wild fling with.

This movie is great. You will want to see it again right after you see it the first time.
I'm sorry, but watching this video was painful. Was the whole thing awkward from start to finish or is it just me?

I'm not familiar with The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet. Is it the poor man's version of Regis and Kelly? Didn't like them too much.

Nice to see TV talk show exposure for Nathan, but I will much prefer to see him on The Late, Late Show. I think that will be a hoot.
mongorules | May 01, 02:28 CET
Nice to see TV talk show exposure for Nathan, but I will much prefer to see him on The Late, Late Show. I think that will be a hoot.

There may still be tickets available Get free tickets to see Nathan Fillion on the The Late Late Show on May 8th. SCREEEEE!!!!!

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Merrie on Apr 30 2007 5:36P on some space we all love says
Nathan will be appearing on a show called "The Sauce" on the Fuse channel tomorrow at 6pm.

That time for The Sauce is Eastern time. It is also repeated late night/early morning and again the next day if you miss it the first time.

As for OLTL, you can see a clip of Joey's mom, Viki, walking in on him making out with the much older Dorian here.

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It must be difficult to talk about this film when interviews start with the murder of their friend and colleague Adrienne Shelly. The film looks excellent; wonderful legacy.

Loved how Nathan broke down soap opera acting into thinking about the question "Did I leave the stove on?"
I saw this, very good exposure. The Mike guy is a huge dork, in that "I'm so out of touch but don't know it" way, but Nathan was great, of course. In agreement with rosewood about the "stove" acting. Funny! Jeremy Sisto was smug as usual.
OMG. That OLTL clip was great. So classic. Thx MALicious.
Glad you enjoyed it, kerfuffle. I always get a good chuckle out of "I love who I want to love." I don't know how Nathan was able to say that with such sincerity! :-)
Haha, oh that clip was hysterical! Must go watch it 1000 more times.
I really cant stand morning shows ... and yes this would be the local version of regis and kathy lee ...and...yuck. But nathan as usual is awesome. And I too would prefer to see him on the late late show, hopefully he will get more talk show exposure.
this (being able to promo the movie) was what i wanted to see for Serenity (maybe it happened and i just missed it)
The link doesn't work. Or do you have to have a mac?
You need to have flash player 9 installed. Go to and install it then restart your brower and it should work for you.
I said link, not destination page. Turns out that the quotation marks are not encoded correctly, so the browser tries to up a nonexsisting page.
Hmm...guess that's what I get for trying to help. Worked just fine for me.
Well, promotion is promotion. I just wish they had done some of this for, you know, that other movie.
well i guess an emotional non conventional romantic comedy about pies that was screened at sundance is easier to promote than a certain space cowboy movie... um...I am not bitter... lol. Anyways its good Nathan get some exposure on some chat shows...every bit helps.

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