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April 30 2007

Podcast interview with Tim Minear. Fanboy Confidental talk to Tim in quite a bit of depth on Firefly (including that semi-famous undeveloped episode), Drive, The Inside and lots more. Starts at 23 minutes.

I gotta say, I'm glad That Episode didn't happen. While the emotion it encapsulates is all very beautiful, I just don't want to think about that happening to Inara. And I'm glad it didn't.
Great interview - thanks, Fanboy Confidential - but this was pretty hard to listen to, now that Drive is cancelled. All that talent and hard work and care and promise invested in Drive shot straight to hell. It pissed me off all over again, too. ("I watched the way they treated Joss...")

Man, the thought of Tim adapting either Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land or John Christopher's The White Mountains (made into The Tripods TV series by the BBC) into a film is so compelling... but like Tim says - "won't ever get made."

*double-blerg with a side of frak.*

I need this man writing a regular TV show of his own devising - as I do Joss. Separately or together. Stat.

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Tim mentioned that he thought a chapter of Ron Rosenbaum's "Explaining Hitler" would make a great movie, and my favorite chapter of that book is all about a little German newspaper that covered Hitler starting when he was a pretty obscure political wannabe. This newspaper devoted a considerable amount of critical coverage to him, and it was fascinating to read about the attempts to explain him to the public without the benefit of hindsight, without knowing the most important part of his story--that is, where it was heading.
We need some way to force Fox Network to support the faith taken by Fox Studios. I was just listening to the part where Tim said the network asked for 3 Drive episodes on a short time-line, which can only hamper making a quality product.

I had forgotten that Minear adapted "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress". If the right-holders can't find the right director, maybe they should try Tim!
For those of us who can't listen, what happens to Inara in the "semi-famous undeveloped episode?" Did that episode have a name?
According to Mr. Minear, part of what sold him to join Firefly was Joss pitching "Inara captured by Reavers". And not a short capture either (she would have to rescue herself).
Thanks, OneTeV. I'm glad I didn't see this happen to Inara, either. Speaking of Inara, I wonder if we'll ever learn her big secret.

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