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May 08 2003

Pop Politics Interviews The Television Without Pity Buffy Recappers Does recapping every bit of every episode spoil the show?

No comment.

Did you just see that??! This is restraint, people. This is sacrifice!!
*yawn* As expected, these boring, bad writers are boring interviewees. Supposedly TWoP was at one time funny, but all I see are boring, repetitive, lame jokes-- many of which are about how bad the writing of the show they're watching is-- i-word, anybody? These guys aren't even a pimple on Mike Nelson or Joel Hodgeson's behind.

What's really annoying is how they confuse thoughtful analysis with vitriol. They say that they watch with "a critical eye," but real criticism has nothing to do with their antagonistic point of view.
Well, I've enjoyed a lot of their recaps tremendously though the later ones (since mid season 6) have been a little too harsh even for my tastes. Still they are catering to an audience and as you can see, they're a lot less vitriolic in their interview then they are in their recaps.

I wouldn't have started this site if it weren't for TWOP. I think TWOP, especially the Buffy/Angel forums and 'caps are 'unamerican', so to speak, in that I find them quite British/Aussie in style. British in a 'we love you so much we're going to take the mickey out of you at all expense'. (Unfortunately, to be completely Bwit, it would have to be more self-depreciating... you won't find a lot of that at TWOP.)

It appeals to me more than the fawning that goes on elsewhere - but after a while I wanted a place that would smart, but a little less bitter.
prolific, I certainly appreciate the tone of the comments here, although there aren't nearly enough of them, compared to TWoP. Nearly all of their reviews beg the question, "If you hate the show, its premise, characters, plot, writers, etc., so much -- why are you watching it?"
"If you hate the show, its premise, characters, plot, writers, etc., so much -- why are you watching it?"

That's a silly question. Speaking for myself (I'm not a TwoPer) I don't hate the premise, characters, etc. I started watching Buffy because I liked the premise and the characters. But now that the show has betrayed its premise, watered down the characters, and come up with lame plots and poor writing, I can't just stop watching. I identify emotionally with these characters, because I fell in love with them when the show was good. And I have to find out what's going to happen to them. So I watch (less than I used to, admittedly, but I watch), and I reserve the right to complain about how bad the writing is. The TwoP recappers are enraged fans, and more power to them. Besides, when there's a good episode, they don't attack it much (see the recap of "Conversations With Dead People").

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Recapping every bit of every episode doesn't spoil it in the least. Unfunny inside jokes, cutesy exchanges about the recappers' friendships with each other and criticisms that don't even attempt to go beyond the writers' personal dislikes do, though. Like, one of the recappers will decide she doesn't care about Faith, so every statement about something that happens to Faith will reiterate, just in case the reader missed it, that our adorably "snarky" recapper doesn't care.

I love the forums' "Don't state your opinion as fact" policy too. Good writers state an opinion in a declarative sentence and back it up with facts. They do not pepper every single statement with phrases like "IMHO", "JMO", "I personally" and "I feel" to avoid offending anyone with a different opinion. Good readers realize that presenting an opinion this way does not equate to stating it as fact.
As I've said a couple of times over here, there's one thing I really like about the TWOP forums and that's 1. no discussion of forum policy on the forum itself. 2. no bashing of OTHER forums

We're getting into that territory now and I'd rather not see it. Let's be kind to other fans' efforts out there. (I'm talking to myself as well!)

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