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May 01 2007

Happy Birthday Darla and Graham! Julie Benz and Bailey Chase both turn 35 today in a Buffyverse stellar alignment.

Happy, happy birthday!
Looking forward to more Julie on next season's Dexter. I'm anxious to see how closely they will follow the second book.
Yay for stellar alignments!

Happy happy to the both of ya!
Happy Birthday both, and many more. Wonder if they even knew (since they weren't around at the same time and, i'd imagine, would probably have wrapped by this time of year anyway) ?

Also looking forward to more of Ms Benz on 'Dexter' later in the year. Cracking show, cracking performance (and from what i've heard kerfuffle, not very, though I haven't read any of the books. Seem to remember an account of a panel at some TV festival a few months back where the producers talked about how they were largely going their own way in S2).

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Ah, shoot. I love the show but the books are terrific. You should check them out. The third installment is being released this summer.
More of same good wishes and compliments about happy birthdays and great performances in the great show Dexter! :-)
The best of wishes!
Happy birthday JB and BC!

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