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May 09 2003

Press release for the Chaos Bleeds video game. It's out in August, it's multi platform and you get to play Faith, Willow, Xander, Spike, Sid the Dummy and obviously Buffy.

Cinescape has a related article which says Glory will not appear in the game.

Simon, I assume you also get to play Buffy as well? :)

BTW, I read that Amber Benson voiced Tara as well as Sid the Dummy in the game.

Also, FYI, E3 is next week in Los Angeles, and I wouldn't be surprised if there's a lot more coverage of this sequel by the videogame news media. In other words, expect lots more screenshots and videos of actual gameplay very soon.
Good thing you noticed lol. I amended my post. I'm really pleased it's coming out for the PS2 as well, this game is made by the Collective as well isn't it?
I would assume so, since the game looks the same as the first one in terms of user interface and character models (at least what I've seen of the few screenshots online). I played the first one and it was great, so I'm excited to see what the sequel holds. I may even be able to attend E3 next week and get a firsthand preview of what the game's like. It's also possible that their booth will have autograph signings by some of the actors involved as well.
Hooray for multi-platform! This one will be mine.

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