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May 01 2007

Armin Shimerman discusses his acting experience on both Star Trek and Buffy. Short video responses to questions. He has some great things to say about Joss Whedon, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Alyson Hannigan. And apparently, he had the wrong attitude when he first started out guesting on Buffy but learned very quickly how wrong he was. Quite interesting.

ETA: I have to say he has some intriguing things to say about his acting experience overall, and an eye opener, for me at least.

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Great link, great interview.
Yep, good set of vidlets, cheers kurya. Seems to have a lot of admiration for the Buffy crew in general and Joss in particular (while still - obliquely - discussing his, err, 'control enthusiasm' ;).

(he's absolutely spot on regarding 'Far Beyond the Stars' too, brilliant TV that really shows what sci-fi can do, how it can talk about anything)
It's sadly rare to see actors speaking plainly. This is a great link.
Love him! These are awesome.
This IS a great link. And if you go on down to the last piece on how to persevere as an actor, he notes not only that his work as Quark and Snyder ended the same week (that must have been a shock to the system), but that it was his work on Buffy, and not in the Star Trek franchise, that created new work for him after those shows were over. Some good advice there not only for how to survive in acting, but, by extension, how to survive in life.
Cool! I am glad the folks here enjoyed the videos like I did. It felt almost like one of those shows inside the actors studio but more intimate. And yes, how brutally honest Armin is, amazes me to no end. And I agree there is some great advice. His skin must be incredibly thick to last that long.

And Saje, it is true that episode for me highlighted how great Sci Fi can be. It doesnt have to involve space ships, or special effects, but taking contemporary(and past) controversial issues presenting them in a new light. The freedom sci fi allows people to address these things is enormous, and I find often overlooked when people dismiss sci fi.
Fascinating viewing.
The freedom sci fi allows people to address these things is enormous, and I find often overlooked when people dismiss sci fi.

Here here. If 24 featured the plot lines of Battlestar Galactica season 3, there would be moral outrage. The good guys using suicide bombers? But there's not outrage, because there's spaceships. And that's fine with me in some ways, and an enormous shame in others.
Weird hearing Snyder being . . . wise, but also cool.
Excellent find. I've enjoyed Armin Shimerman's work. Wonderfully expressed answers and insight into his career.
I met him at a convention in Sacramento. He gave me some great insights about his role on Buffy. Great guy. Here's hoping he'll be back somewhere
"If you want to be a knight, you have to wear the armour."
Kurya, thank you so much for a link to a really great interview. Full of insight into the life of an actor, but also with insights into how any of us could learn to be comfortable in our own skin (or comfortable with the way other people view us).

I've always been a big fan of Armin Shimerman but I'm not sure I've heard him interviewed before, now I admire him even more.
Yeah, it was sorta discombobulating having Snyder be such a nifty guy. I could have watched a much longer interview - he's such a smart & compelling personality, and obviously observant. And I'd love to hear more of his take on behind-the-scenes Buffy.

One of his web bios says he's the "son of immigrant parents" but doesn't say where they were from - I've always been interested to know his background. (A ferengi is an outsider or outlander in the Farsi that my partner speaks... but somehow that's just not enough information...)

And he's so knowing (and generous) about actors and acting - wished I'd known half of what he knows when I was having at it.
Well gossi, about 24 and BSG, 24 is on a big network and BSG is on a cable channel. Plus it has Keifer Sutherland, so it would be viewed by more people. And there is some outrage over that show... just not about the suicidal bombers lol.... but it is true sci fi can get away with a lot more, because it is treated mostly as kids stuff, and not in the current present reality.
And me, being the big idiot that I am, is just realizing who Snyder was on DS9. Quark was one of my favorite characters when I used to watch.
Excellent interview, thanks for posting. Such a charming, articulate man. It was obvious he had a lot of range as an actor, in Restless. His Marlon Brando in Xander's Apocalypse Now dream was a highlight.
Terrific stuff. Here's another great Armin Shimerman interview from a few years back if I don't screw up the link: 2003 IGN interview
Thank you so much for that link. I've loved Armin since Beauty and the Beast, then Quark, then Snyder. High praise from him saying that significantly younger actors Sarah and Alyson elevated his game. Also, saying it was a privilege to say Joss' lines, and what a great writer he was (well, we knew that).
Thank you, kurya. This was very enjoyable!

I had an opportunity to meet Armin at a comic book show but I was to shy to go up and ask him for his autograph so I asked my Dad to get it for me! I later found out that Armin was the nicest, most down-to-earth person to walk this earth!

If I ever get the chance to meet him again, I'm going to go for it!

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