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May 01 2007

Spike to go boldly where no man has gone before? A poll at Coming has James Marsters as an option to play the young Kirk in the new Star Trek film.

Jmaes Marsters looks great but he's a good bit older than Shatner was in the original series, let alone being Kirk the Cadet. I mean, it sounds hard to pull off to me.
Yeah. Marsters is over 40. That would be quite a stretch.
I think Zachary Quinto (Sylar from Heroes) would make an awesome young Spock.
Hey, James looks great for 44, but a young Kirk...nah, wouldn't work. And James is the oldest in the lot there, and some 80's babies among them...quite a margin they're looking at!
Although a few years ago he did a screen test to play the young cloned Picard in Nemisis, that movie would have been better had he gotten the part. He could hold his own with Patrick Stewart.
I can't see James as a young Kirk; age being a factor or not.
Spock, on the other hand...
Actually, I think James would make an interesting Bones McCoy.
i was hoping this was a link to some good spike/angel slash fic. sigh.
That would be Marsters dream to portray Spock. He use to go to conventions as a kid in fully Spock make-up, ears, eyebrows, and all. Although it might be hard for him to play a character that is in total control of their emotions. I know even Nimoy has talked about how hard it was to do that when they were filming, that is where the eyebrow lift came from because he was not allowed to express emotion.
Or a Tribble! A big blondie bear Tribble!

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The strange thing is that the front runner in the poll, Matt Damon, who's rumored to be the one who's actually getting the role, was born in October 1970, so he's 36 (and only 8 years younger than JM).

But William Shatner was born in March 1931, so when Star Trek premiered in 1966, he was 35, YOUNGER than Matt Damon who's supposed to be a younger version of Kirk? And in the second season, Kirk's age was given as 34. James may be too old for the role, but so is Damon.
All of those listed except maybe Shia LeBeouf are too old to be a "young" anyone.
James Marsters as Kirk??
Oh dear god no.
JM is a great actor, but I don't think I could ever see him as Captain Kirk...
Dude, I love Marsters with a slightly frightening passion, but a 40-something actor playing the "YOUNG" Kirk? Hmm... *shrug* Hollywood is weird.
*stands up*
*walks to wall*
*whams head repeatedly into wall*
*sits back down, somewhat shakily*

Thank the Gods that this could never actually happen, as if it did my brain would clearly not work any more and I would require a new one.
I don't think any of the actors on the list should play Kirk. I would love to see James in almost anything, but he is all wrong for Kirk. Maybe the sexy villain in the movie...
I think some people are forgetting that actors aren't cast in roles based on how old they are, but by how old (or young) they they can play.

That being said, I can't see JM as a young cadet.
William Shatner has some big shoes. People make fun all the time, but the man could hold the screen like few others. I'm having a hard time thinking of anyone who could play Kirk besides him.
Yep, the Shat's a big ham no doubt but he definitely had/has something as Kirk, screen presence and charisma among others (and he's happy to laugh at himself which earns him major Brownie points in my book).

Depending on the take they're going for I think Ryan Reynolds could swing it. Kirk has a very mercurial temperament flashing from intense to jokey to acerbic as it suited his purpose, Reynolds could manage that IMO (and he's actually fairly young though I think only someone Adam Brody's apparent age and below could pull off 'cadet').

If one of those Justins is the guy that played Green Arrow on 'Smallville' then he could probably do it too (certainly has the look).

(JM much as I think he's a great actor is just a bit too old, both chronologically and apparently IMO, especially if they're looking at a franchise reboot, since by the time the next one came out he'd easily be pushing 50. He's also the wrong physical build being more the wiry gymnast to Kirk's 'beefy' wrestler's build)
JM has no more adoring fan than me, but age aside, I think he's all wrong for this. But then so is Matt Damon, as much as I love him as well. And Shia LaBouf? I've thought since Project Greenlight that this boy was going places, but *not* this role. Very odd list, IMO.
My pick? BSG's Michael Trucco (Sam).
God I wish the people making star trek would STOP going back in time, they are almost back to our time! GO FORWARD - make it a future series. Set it 100 years after Picard. (James can play Picards son *g*)
James is a sweet young thing!!!

(OK, he was born five days after me...)

Seriously, I adore him, but Kirk? Can't see it. (And probably wouldn't, but that's another matter.)
Depending on the take they're going for I think Ryan Reynolds could swing it. Kirk has a very mercurial temperament flashing from intense to jokey to acerbic as it suited his purpose, Reynolds could manage that IMO (and he's actually fairly young though I think only someone Adam Brody's apparent age and below could pull off 'cadet').

That would be an interesting role for Reynolds. Me personally though, I'm holding out for him to play The Flash.

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From what I understand, this movie is a re-imagining of the '60s tv show. All three of the main players were grown men, not cadets. I do happen to think that Matt Damon could play Kirk (Bourne movies showed he could be tough and a great fighter - necessary for James T), and Adrian Brody would make an ok Spock - but Gary Sinise as Bones? Brilliant. So perfect.

Marsters? - hmmm... Maybe some unhinged Commodore? TOS loved them some unhinged Commodores. ;)
Agreed deepgirl187, he'd have been brilliant as The Flash in David Goyer's version. Now that they seem to be going down a more parodic 'Batman and Robin' route i'd prefer him to stay as far away as possible, put someone else in the role, then when the film crashes and burns and they do an 'Incredible Hulk' style restart in a few years, he'll still be able to play him.

ETA: Oh, wow, Gary Sinise as McCoy ? That's inspired. Where did cadet come from then ? A tickle on the brain's saying that was one of the ideas mooted, are they definitely not doing that now ?

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As much as I love James Marsters, I can't see him playing a young Kirk. But I do enjoy seeing JM in the poll as I'm happy to see him mentioned anywhere. I am thinking maybe Jensen Ackles from Supernatural would be better, or Mathew Fox from Lost. How about Nick Stahl from Carnivale? Adam Baldwin? Lots of cute younger actors out there, although William Shatner is a hard act to follow. I do agree that Sinise would be a brilliant Bones.
Well, dipping into the shallow end, whomever plays Kirk had better be fine. The Shat was the shit back in the day! ;)
Maybe someone like Chris Evans should play a younger Kirk. He's only 25 or 26, and can carry a movie.
They could do worse. I saw Evans in 'Sunshine' recently (not perfect, loses it at the end a bit with a needless subplot but still very much worth seeing IMO) and the guy can actually act as well as being highly marketable.

Nick Stahl might be interesting though he also looks a bit slight physically to me. As for Adam Baldwin, well, he probably won't thank me for pointing this out but he's actually 6 months older than James Marsters ;).
Chris Evans is a good actor, and he could assume "the look" of a young Kirk. Nick Stahl looks a little too much like a troll to play Kirk. (Honestly, I never cared for Shatner's looks, either... He looks too much like people in my family. I could go for improving Kirk's appearance in the movie...)

I do agree with those who would rather see Star Trek go forward than go back - but my daughter made the point that there are a lot of people now who never watched TOS or TNG, so this could be an introduction to Star Trek for a new generation.

Now, what I would like to see is Nathan Fillion as the captain, Gina Torres, as the first officer, and Jewel Staite declaring "I'm doin' the best I can!"
I know next to nothing about Matt Damon, have probably never seen his work (I've seen very, very few movies made in the past 20 years) but Shatner reached adulthood in the 50s,a very different culture when people looked older (by our standards) much younger. I recallr eading piece in a consevrtaive Catholic magazine criticizing the idea of eternal youth which emntioned CLaudette Cobert in the original _Imitation of Life_ film. The writer said Claudette was 35 when she made that but she looked like she was (almost exact quote) "an age nobody reaches anymore." Whereas nowadays it's almost expected by the culture (altho just because it's "expected" doesn't make it any less ridiculous and disturbing) that a certain 51-year-old man who shall remain nameless leches after Amber Benson.

So comparing chronological ages of Damon and Shatner is misleading since Shatner grew up in what amounts to a vanished civilization. (And yes I'm channeling SM STirling's novel C_onquistador_ which I've re-read so often I almost have it memorized.)
I cannot see either James Marsters or Matt Damon as a young Kirk. I can see Jensen Ackles or Nathan Fillion in the role...and my imagination is now seeing Adam Baldwin as Spock.
Okay, I've been nosing around looking at actors. Do we even know what the age of "young Kirk" is supposed to be? Is he a cadet of 20, 25, Wesley Crusher-type age? That's the only thing that would make it interesting for me. His very young origins. Because if Shatner did the series starting at age 35, all of the people on that list are substantially over the hill. I'd love to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt play Kirk. I'm not hung up on exact matching looks, but he is a fantastic young actor, and I bet he could assimilate some fledgling Kirk mannerisms.

I'm down with the Sylar for young Spock. Excellent choice there. Then I was thinking about our own Jonathan Woodward as a young(er) Bones. Bones was older than the rest of them (except Spock). Now, who for Scotty?
I don't think our Jayne is angular enough to play Spock. Gotta get a guy with a few more sharp edges.

Nathan would be great as Kirk, simply for the fact that he is absolutely believable in every single thing that he does, and Mal has a lot of Kirk in him anyway. Not so sure about the physicality, though. Nathan might be a tad too fine.

There's just no pleasing me, is there? ;)
Tonya J, we posted at the same time, but your idea for Gordon-Levitt would be better for Spock! Didn't a child who looks very much like him play the child Spock in ST:3? He just doesn't have Kirk's blondish, rounded features.

Also, Woodward? Hello! He'd be a great young Spock! He's great in everything anyway...
Seriously, who made this list? Maybe Shia Lebeouf but I think even that is a stretch. I like the suggestion of Jensen Ackles.

Tonya J, from what I've heard, the film would focus on cadet age Kirk.
I dunno, I'd love to hear Jonathan utter those immortal words, "Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor not a ______________." Of course, if he turns out younger it could be intern.
..and my imagination is now seeing Adam Baldwin as Spock.

I was thinking that he could play Uhura.
Just to make you guys aware, Star Trek XI (rumoured to be titled simply "Star Trek") is not a cadet movie. It's more of a Star Trek Year One deal, where we see Kirk and Spock in their first mission. That means any actor playing Kirk is going to be North of thirty and south of forty, to match Shatner's age in 1966. Marsters is too old, LeBoef is too young, Damon is just right...
Of the names mentioned above the only one that really jumped out at me as being (surprisingly) appropriate for the role of Kirk is Jensen Ackles. He has the look and the attitude, as well as being a pretty damn good actor. A shame that they would probably not consider him a big enough name for the role.

James, as much as I adore the guy, is so entirely wrong for the character of Kirk. Besides, I'd rather see him in a role on Battlestar Galactica. Now that would rock.
That's what I had heard, too Andy Dufresne, thanks for clarifying.
Broken Soul .... You have been invading my dreams :) James in a juicy BSG role, definitely more than one ep. And who says that the last of the Final five Cylons has to be anyone we've ever seen before. Because *that* is my ultimate JM/BSG fantasy.

Jonathan Woodward is IMO just too adorable to be a good fit for any of the Star Trek crew. If that makes any sense. Jensen Ackles could be a good choice, but I'm not overly familiar with his work, not being a Prison Break fan. One idea I love is Adrian Brody as Spock.
But Nathan as Kirk? Blasphemy, I say. Nathan is Mal Reynolds and captains no ship except Serenity.
Another Kirk candidate IMO would be Justin Chambers, who plays Alex on Grey's Anatomy.

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