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May 01 2007

Salon reviews Waitress. Stephanie Zacharek calls Nathan Fillion's performance wonderful but gives him the dubious distinction of having "the face of an anxious space alien." A New York Times review says the film is "lovely, touching and infused with life."

"Anxious space alien" - that's a new one. But otherwise complimentary, so yay!
But there were no aliens in Firefly, so clearly it means nothing.
Yeah, but she also calls him a dreamboat.
Plus, Stephanie Zacharek wrote many laudatory articles about Buffy in its day. In fact, I believe it was one of her articles that got me to take a serious look at the show, so she's aces in my book.
The New York Times has also posted a review here.

Says Nathan Fillion and Keri Russell are both "darn likable" in a film that is "lovely, touching and infused with life."
This looks like exactly the kind of movie that I'd love. I wonder if it'll get released in Australia? Hmm.
I've added the New York Times review to the subject line.

In order to keep the front page from being dominated with Waitress reviews, please do post any links to reviews in this comments section. Cheers.
Right you are, Simon! There was a rockin' review on the Los Angeles Times website, where they called our Nathan "an actor whose easygoing charm makes the character's faults seem more endearing than weaselly," and they give a big mention of Firefly AND Serenity and even Joss. Yay Nathan! :-)
For those expecting to see Waitress in the theater, don't get your hopes up unless you live in a major market. According to it "Opens at the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood, the Lincoln Square 12 and the Union Square 14 in New York City, and Laemmle's Monica 4 in Santa Monica on May 2"

And on May 4th "Opens at Laemmle's Playhouse 7 in Pasadena, Laemmle's Fallbrook 7 in West Hills CA and in additional locations in major markets"

And on May 11th "Opens at Landmark's Midtown Art Theatre in Atlanta, Landmark's Bethesda Row Cinemas in Bethesda MD, Landmark's Kendall Square Cinemas in Cambridge MA, Landmark's Magnolia Theatre in Dallas, Landmark's Mayan Theatre in Denver, Landmark's La Jolla Village Cinemas in La Jolla CA, Landmark's Uptown Theatre in Minneapolis, Laemmle's Playhouse 7 in Pasadena, the Angelika Film Center in Plano TX, Landmark's Hillcrest Cinemas in San Diego, Landmark's Guild 45th Theatre in Seattle, Landmark's Plaza Frontenac Cinemas in St. Louis, Landmark's E Street Cinemas in Washington DC and in additional locations in select markets"

So it looks like Fox Searchlight is going for the limited release and then straight to video. Of course if it's a runaway success they may decide to open it wider over the following weeks.
I'm going to a free screening of it on Monday! I can't wait for this one.
I'm going to a free screening tonight. My friend saw it last week and she's going again tonight. She said after watching the movie, you just want to see it again immediately. I'm excited!
danregal, I know you are in the know, but I have to wonder that if Fox Searchlight has gone to all the expense and trouble they have -- free screenings (with pie, from what people have been posting), getting Nathan and Jeremy Sisto and Keri Russell on lots of talk shows, playing the film at festivals, etc. -- maybe they are planning to "open it wider" once it catches on? I keep thinking it will be like Little Miss Sunshine was last year. I heard about that movie a long time before it finally hit my little town. *hopes* :-)
An em dash later, he blurts out, "And who doesn't like trees?

You gotta love a writer who talks about em dashes...
Actually, considering the healthy amount of publicity this film is getting, I'd say they're leaving the door open for a wider release. I think they're hoping for a "Little Miss Sunshine" like pattern here, so those early grosses could be importnat.
Fox Searchlight does a fantastic job of the slow build-up. They're handling Waitress masterfully. I doubt they're going to video anytime soon.
Yes indeed, I expect that is their hope. I think they are keeping it small and will only spend the money to open it wider if it not only generates buzz, but money as well. If it is to follow the Little Miss Sunshine pattern, it will need to make between $8K and $20K per theater per day. It's not unheard of, but since there are no huge stars or name director, it will actually have to rely solely on buzz and word of mouth. It helps that it's a really good movie, and it's getting a lot of good reviews.

I think by having the "additional locations in selected markets" they are leaving the door open for exactly how wide it will go, and how fast. At this point it's a guessing game for just how well it will be received. Although if the Newport Beach Film Festival is any indicator, it will do very well. They had so many requests for tickets to the screening, they added a second one right after. I was in the first and there wasn't an open seat in the house. And that is including the bench all the way in the back we got stuck sitting on.
What? Some people got pie? Hmm, definitely could've convinced me to give one more star to the movie. Yes, if you go see this movie, you must definitely have a pie waiting for you at home- you will be HUNGRY.

Saw it yesterday night at a free screening. Very entertaining.

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