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May 02 2007

It's the Joss Whedon comic book day! Buffy #3, Astonishing X-Men #21 and Runaways #26 get released today. Previews for the three issues can be found here, here and here.

Boy, the big purple J sure worked hard lately!
I can't wait to read those. The Buffy cmics has been great so far, and astonishing has me at the edge of my seat!

I guess that's why he hasen't been around here lately :) Come back, Joss! we miss you :)

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I've seen a couple of places (e.g. Amazon) suggest that the Runaways Vol. 3 hardback is also out today but it's not on the shipping lists so i'm doubtful (it'd bring things up to the start of Joss' run which would mean I could actually start reading the singles).

Dark Tower #4 and the end of 52 as well. Not a bad week for the flimsies all in all.
The timing of this is perfect. As we go into our comic book stores today in Toronto, we are giving flyers to the stores for our Can't Stop the Serenity showing. With 3 comics out today, the stores can't argue that the movie has nothing to do with them or their customers.
Lioness, Saturday is 'Free Comic Book Day' so a lot of people (even those that normally might not) will be passing through comic shops in the next few days. Maybe you could ask the store owners to put the flyers inside (or just near) the free titles ?

(anyone know if there are any titles which would be particularly appropriate ? I remember a 'Runaways' one last year, are they doing the same thing again ?)
The books at the top of this page, maybe? Don't see anything super appropriate. I think one of them is a Liefeld BSG book /shiver.
See, what I should have thought to myself is "I bet the 'Free Comic Book Day' homepage would know if there are any appropriate titles" ;).

Yeah, nothing really leaps out does it. Pity it's 'Pirates vs Ninjas' and not 'Cavemen vs Astronauts' - though that has to be the only way 'Pirates vs Ninjas' is a less than perfect concept ;). Definitely a few i'll try to pick up (probably better start queuing now for the Spidey one ;).
Unfortunately due to work I won't be able to get these until Sunday. :(
I can expect TFAW to send me mine - oh - in about a month, maybe two... :(
There are so many good comics coming out today (not just Whedon's) that it kinda feels like a Christmas morning where I have to wait 10 more hours before I can rip open my presents.

And if there are any Supernatural fans out there, Supernatural: Origins #1 comes out from Wildstorm today, too. It takes place right after Sam and Dean's mother dies, and John Winchester learns how to become a hunter.
Whedon Wednesday!!! I'm not reading these until this weekend, so goodbye Whedonesque and all of your spoilery goodness, until next week. :(
so goodbye Whedonesque and all of your spoilery goodness, until next week. :(

If it's any help we'll be having clearly marked spoiler discussion threads for these issues in the next few days.
I think one of them is a Liefeld BSG book /shiver.


Liefeld had that licence once, but years ago, and only of the original series. If you watch the new series, this new comic is definitively worth picking up for free.

Other recommendations for FCBD books I'd make:
Dark Horse has a comic with stories of three entirely new series in it--looks promising.
Marvel has a brand new Spider-Man story from high-profile creators.
And Devil's Due has a Family Guy and Hack/Slash flipbook that should be cool.

Everyone find your local store to pillage!
Got it, read it, and WOW! :) Joss is unbelievably awesome..

Dang, Runaways - Volume 3 has been delayed until May 23rd! Argh, I really want to catch up so I can read the new ones!
It's Whedon Thursday in Britain. Damn it.
Well, I've read both Buffy and Runaways and I can say that both are AWESOME! :D

I love how the Punisher gets dealt with. Hee.

And it's great how Joss is keeping the action and suspence up throughout "The Long Way Home." Even though it's a month between issues, I feel like Buffy needs a breather. Even though she got a bit of a breather in this issue too. It's a lot of action.
It's so funny that all the comics I'm reading right now in individual issues are written by the Whedon.

Is it weird that I've had Runaways #26 since last week? Or is my comic guy just that good?
Yays! I got and read both Buffy and Runaways this morning.

I am really becoming endeared to Runaways. I love Chase. He's so cocky.

I found this issue of Buffy not quite as kick-ass as the second one, but chock-full of interestingness.

Quick review:

About the XXX thing:

Some retailers get advanced copies at the same time as reviewers (one of my local shops had Runaways #26 and the Sensational Spider-man Annual in last week). Technically, i'm not sure they're actually meant to sell them (the ones I saw were clearly marked 'Not for Sale' but you could ask and take a look inside). Still, a win's a win Emma ;).

(I also noticed they have a Whiteout #1 in the freebies list, anyone know if they're just being re-released or is that an all new Whiteout story ? I'm aware there's a film in the works so maybe it's a sort of semi-promotion for that ?)
I've created a discussion thread for Buffy #3 over at


Feel free to discuss it there in all spoilery goodness until a relevant review can be linked to on the front page here (hopefully Herc at AICN will have his recap up shortly).
Nebula1400- exactly why I've got one more "delivery" to suffer through. After that, I'm just picking the new issues up.
It took me so long to get #1 I thought I was going to die.
I called the comics shop and asked them to pull Buffy for me, and the guy was like, "I have 50 copies on the rack, you don't think you can make it in today?" Jeez, I just want to make sure I have mine waiting for me, and I don't even know if I can make it in today.

He kind of intimidated so I only asked for one copy of the variant and one copy of the regular, unlike my usual two for the regular. *sheepish*

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Briefly: Best Buffy book yet, and X-Men steadily increases in awesomeliness.

ETA: Runaways: Fugilitastic! Too good for words, so made one up.

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About the Buffy Kiss (spoilers written in invisible electrons):

And the cliffhanger:

And Relationships:

I have issue three of Buffy too.Lots go on it with some big reveals.
Saje--I am heading to the shop in a few minutes, I'll find out about the Whiteout question. Love that book.

I actually met Steve Lieber at a comic show a few years ago and he thanked me for NOT asking about Whiteout. He said he's asked about that one quite a bit. I did ask him about his work on Gotham Central. He was very friendly and drew a sweet Renee Montoya for my sketchbook.
Did TFAW send anyone's yet?

I got Issue 2 uber quickly, but Issue 1 took at least a week, and now shipping of Issue 3 looks like it'll be pushed back.

After Issue 4, I'll just go to the store.
For those of you who've been to the stores, did they have the new printings of the first and second issues? I need to get copies for a friend and I was hoping I'd be able to get them all at the same time. Thanks.
Did TFAW send anyone's yet?

I got Issue 2 uber quickly, but Issue 1 took at least a week, and now shipping of Issue 3 looks like it'll be pushed back.

After Issue 4, I'll just go to the store.

It took 6 weeks for them to send me the first issue, and a month to send me the second one. They have yet to notify me when they will send me #3. If I had the time to go out to a comic store each time an issue came out, I would - but since I don't have the time, I'm going to have to either be very patient, or come up with another way to get them.

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Saje--I am heading to the shop in a few minutes, I'll find out about the Whiteout question. Love that book.

That'd be great alex. 'Whiteout' is excellent and 'Whiteout: Melt' is, if anything, even better IMO (despite the sparser plot). It's like Jack London, Ian Fleming and Raymond Chandler all sat down and wrote a story together. The sense of place that Rucka and Lieber create between them is phenomenal, Antarctica itself is truly another character in the story. And how utterly cool (no pun intended ;) is Carrie Stetko ?

I suspect it's just a re-issue/promotion but if not this really would be a great week in comics (and i'm still hopefully gonna snag one either way).
"I'm going to have to either be very patient, or come up with another way to get them."
Nebula1400: I've been really happy with, they will only set up a subscription if you are signing up for ten subscriptions, but you can go on-line once a month and request the comic (with the variant cover, and no huge mark up price on that either) and they will send it out quickly. I ordered from both midtown and TFAW but the latter was much slower so I'm going with the former for all my comic book needs!
Saje--No answer on Whiteout. When I got to the comic shop, the owner was out picking up lunch and a new kid (that wasn't familiar with Whiteout or Greg Rucka or Steve Liber) was working the couter.

For those desperate for the Buffy comics, he has a stack of first and second prints of issue 1, 2 and 3--and he sells for coverprice. I even think he had some variants on the racks also for cover price. They are in Niles, Illinois at 847-966-0675. You can ask for the owner Tony (tell him you were sent by his big Buffy fan).
yeah guess what: my local comic book store was out of Buffy. Again. But luckily I got AXM and Runaways. What a great day for comics.

A couple hours after my last post, I got an email confirmation from TFAW saying they sent Issue 3.

Sorry you've had such trouble. Hope you get yours soon!
Saje, Alexreager, I'm fairly certain the FCBD issue is a reprint of the original #1. There is a third series planned for an unspecific time in the future, though. :-)

Off to my friendly neighborhood shop in just a couple of hours. yay!
Just got a TFAW email that my #3 went out today, so that should be faster than the previous two, unless delayed in transit. The first one took forever to be sent out-possibly they had not anticipated how much manpower they would need to get the pre-orders done? Or maybe the huge numbers from the first issue have gone down a little.

I am so horribly envious of those who already have theirs, and have read every bit of spoileriness available. I'm even tempted to chime in about stuff, though I haven't read it yet- bad idea for avoiding making a fool of myself..which I can do handily even when in possession of the Full Story. Hope the USPS is in good form.
Yesterday was the single best New Comic Wednesday I can recall in months! It was hard to pick a favorite out of the three Whedon books, but I had to go with Runaways. I didn't know too much about Michael Ryan before this series, but I'm now a huge fan. Although his style is really different than Adrian Alphona, his energy feels the same - particularly how he draws Molly, who is very expressive. And both Buffy and Runaways had jaw dropping final pages.

As for AXM, loved the moments between Kitty and Peter, and Scott and Emma. Beast's line "so ends that era" gave me a giggle. All wonderful! If only we could have Whedon Wednesday every week!

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