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May 02 2007

(SPOILER) Nathan Fillion comments on Drive cancellation. He tells TV Guide's Michael Ausiello "It's unfortunate. I was having a really good time. Just the lines I got to say. I had some great lines". (Link contains spoilers for numerous tv shows).

Great link, Simon; there's also a link higher up that same page to a picture of Ausiello with Keri Russell at the Waitress premiere in New York. At least Waitress looks like it's getting great reviews; hope it goes well at the box office, Nathan certainly deserves a break. I mean, there's not anything big and highly anticipated opening up this week to compete against Waitress, is there? *has no spidey sense whatsoever* ;-)
I think that Nathan's favorite line might have been the dotted one in the center. He's probably a speed-head and wanted to really drive the Challenger...
Unrelatedish, I actually saw a trailer for Waitress this morning on NBC. Hadn't seen one before. It looks sweet. Like, 'aww sweet,' not 'suhweeeeeeeeeet'. Though it may be that too.
I want to hear from Tim about his reaction to the cancellation. Also, what is his next project and how soon will Nathan become involved? Both men have so much talent, I'm just waiting for the vehicles that will propel their success. Drive could have been it. Stupid Fox.
I'm just waiting for the vehicles that will propel their success

Drive was cancelled, so sorry, no vehicles.
Well, no matter what Fox TV does, Nathan Fillion will be a big-time leading man, and Waitress should make it happen (not to mention Keri Russell finally showing she's more than Felicity). There's a preview in Sacramento next week, and I can hardly wait for that.
At least he has still retained his sense of humor in spite of everything. I laughed at his comment about the unaired episodes. I'm jealous, very jealous!

I agree, impalergeneral. Waitress is gonna get Nathan noticed by mainstream audiences. Hopefully, Hollywood producers/directors/casting agents will have half a brain and finally use him.
Tim posted a few comments on Buffistas the day of the cancelation. He mostly raved about Fillion, which is understandable as he owned the screen on Drive.
Linky to Tim's comments? I'd be interested to read them! :-)
Drive, in my opinion, is the biggest cancellation mistake a network has made in the last two or three years, with the possible exception of Invasion. That show could have become something special if given a little more time and considering that I'm somebody who usually has zero interest in cars (I've never even bothered to learn to drive), that is saying a lot.

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