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May 02 2007

'Firefly: The Official Companion' volume 2 reviewed. SerenityStuff says "You want it. Trust me.".

It is a fantastic read, especially for the glimpses into the Firefly episodes that never were. And there's some nice mentions about the fandom too: the Ariel Ambulance rescue campaign, "Done the Impossible" documentary and the Backup Bash. It's the perfect gift for any Firefly fan.

And the highlight for me personally? Well that rumour I read years ago about what was originally supposed be the object d'art that Mal and co were supposed to steal in 'Trash' turned out to be half true (right group, wrong album). Four years I've waited to find out what it was. It's nice to have closure.

I still haven't received mine from Amazon, but this link just makes me drool in anticipation.
I'm waiting for mine too!!!
*tries to be patient*
Serenity getting struck by an old war mine. Buh. Give me that episode.
Though it is gonna kill me to read episodes that would have been.
Though it is gonna kill me to read episodes that would have been.

"Niska, do the dance of solid!"
I have my copy already ordered, but it's with another book that won't be available until August, but I will be looking forward to having it!
Keep in mind we don't get actual episodes, or even fleshed out plots. Just some thoughts one storylines the writers wanted to do.

I think I'm still drooling...
I do not have it ordered. There will have to be a confluence of the book on a shelf at a local store and money in my pocket.
I bought the first one at Borders. Not sure if I ever saw it at any other bookstore.

When is/was the official release date?
I've had mine ordered for weeks now, but much like impalergeneral I made the mistake of ordering more than one book at once, so who knows when I'll actually get my grubby little hands on the thing? (>.<)
I just got an email from my favourite sci-fi bookshop saying my copy is ready and waiting for me. Looks like I'll be going book shopping tomorrow!
I ordered mine from waldenbooks and got it today on my lunch break. I got to reading it and ended up getting back from lunch too late.
I'm SO anxious to see it, especially after Chris' comments on the blog!
We at Goners WOULD be looking forward to seeing fellow Goners lexigeek in it, if he wasn't such a base Gonerian deserter and betraying Gonerseseses quitter-face who'll be getting no pie if he doesn't come back soon with his hat in hand and visit us...:>

*head explodes*
Does this mean we have Gonerrhea?

*head explodes*

I never get tired of that... :>

*is sufficiently chastised*

*has good reasons*

*will stop by soon*

I pre-ordered with, and the estimated delivery date on my order is still a week away. *sulks*
*ignores lexigeek till he comes back to Goners*
I ordered Vol. 2 from my local independent bookstore, so it may take longer. sigh.
QuoterGal! Stop that with all the Gonerian!
I want to live in the alternate universe where Firefly is in its fifth season.
Stop that with all the Gonerian!

You can't stop the Gonerian... err, signal.

Does that make QuoterGal related to Gozer the Gozerian?
"Don't cross the (blog) streams... That would be bad."
Does Gonerian, come associated with gonerisms?

**Runs and ducks, for not really making any sense at all.

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