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May 03 2007

New Serenity-related stuff coming from QMx. Lurking Rhythmically has the scoop on a new project from QMx and Browncoat fan-artist Whitefall.

Edited to clarify some confusion.

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Doesn't that item actually say they have no idea specifically what Whitefall will be doing for them?
Yeah, not much of a scoop as scoops go.
theonetruebix - Not really, she says she can't "state with authority" due to possible deadlines and production delays. I take it to mean that she knows, but can't reveal anything yet. Considering what his other stuff looks like, I can't wait to see what he is working on. I saw the Serenity ship papers he did at a shindig recently, and the detail is incredible.
Well, what I meant is that the title here says "new ... blueprints" and that's not what the linked post says.
Sorry ... I guess I made an errant assumption based on the announcement and the graphics on the page. Still, really looking forward to seeing what comes out of it! I changed the post title accordingly.
New Official Serenity Stuff! From a Browncoat fan-artist! Whoo-hoo!

Yeah! Don't sue them! Hire them! Thank you QMX!

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