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May 03 2007

(SPOILER) Julie Benz's series 'Dexter' will return to Showtime in October. They begin filming in late May. Julie told E!'s Kristen, "All I know is I have to deal with the implications of the shoe!" Also news on the DVD (R1) release coming in August. Spoiler alert is for other shows.

Thanks ElectricSpaceGirl for the heads up on the DVD. I added it to the front page.

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Absolutely loving this show. I started watching it a couple of weeks ago and so far have only had time to see up to episode seven of the first season but I'm totally hooked. Easily one of the best shows on the box at the moment and well deserving of a long run.
Oh god, October's too far away!
The season one DVDs will be released August 21st. Only three more months, yay! You can read the details here.
Dexter was my favorite show for last year, closely followed by Rome. Such a great role for Julie on a wonderful show. I just read the two books. The books really lingered with me after reading them. So far they writers have done a wonderful job adapting these characters to the TV format; made smart choices for the TV series that diverge from the books. I'm sooo looking forward to where things go next in the next season of the series (and hoping for more Dexter novels too).
This is all great news, but, yes, too long to wait! Thanks for the links, RavenU and ElectricSpaceGirl! :-)
Ah rosewood ... the tv show lingers with me ... so much so that I can't watch it when it first airs (10:00) cause then I can't go to sleep. Luckily, I can watch it on DEMAND later that week, when the sun's still up ;).
Glad to see that date appears to be firm but (and you just knew one of those was coming, didn't you?) notice that phrasing: "Showtime now says..." They were saying September originally......

Remember that poster that we thought might have been photoshopped - that did say December.....

Either way we get a second series and I am very happy about that! WOOHOO!
DVD in August! Yes! Then I can add it to my collection, along with the other bloody glass slides...I mean, uh, other shows.

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