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May 03 2007

Review of "Waitress" in iF Magazine. Excellent review of an excellent film!

Buffy magazine's Abbie Bernstein likes "Waitress" - she really likes it! It stars Nathan Fillion, so what's not to like, right?

I've heard a couple of good reviews, and I think Keri Russell has done a good job of promoting the film. Also E! Entertainment channel has had some nice promotional pieces on 'Waitress', so I hope that a lot of people do end up seeing it.
Waitress is getting very good reviews on some high traffic sites. Nice NYTimes article plus film clips in the accompanying video review by A.O. Scott.

The film's doing really well so far on Rotten Tomatoes. The Ebert and Roeper review says nice things about the interplay between Nathan and Kerri.
I saw this movie last night. Very funny, very endearing. While Nathan was his usual sexy, charming self - with a touch of weird that was new - Keri Russell was the one who carried the film. She was amazing! I watched all four seasons of Felicity, yet I still didn't know the kind of range she has until seeing this.

Another stand-out actor was Andy Griffith. I didn't even know he was in it. Adrienne Shelley was also really good (RIP), as was the ever creepy Jeremy Sisto. Hell, everyone was pretty solid.

I loved this movie so much that I'm going again next week, and taking my brother. Too bad they didn't serve free pie. You'll be hungry for pie after seeing this.

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I was watching "House Hunters" on HGTV, as I do every Thursday night at 9, when a promo for Waitress came on and I yelled "That's Nathan!. Mr Reddygirl looked up from his book and said "Is that one of those Buffy people you love?". I didn't bother to explain the intricacies of Jossverse.

But, he is a big fan of Adrienne Shelley and we plan to see the movie asap.
When do the rest of us get to see it?!!!!!!
fans of the more romantic aspects of his FIREFLY character will be especially pleased.

mikamom | May 04, 04:29 CET
When do the rest of us get to see it?!!!!!!

Whaaat? Oh, yeah, there was a question. Link to free screenings. News about Waitress. Events and release dates.

Also had this on there List of cities and a * when tickets are available for sale. Hope they keep this website up past Mother's Day. Map of USA Waitress screenings Only those theaters who use Fandango show up here.

Going to see Spiderman or something else at at theater? Ask management or someone when they are going to show Waitress.

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I saw 'Waitress' at a screening here in Seattle last week. I enjoyed the film thoroughly.

Everyone involved turns in a great performance. Nate's character is kind of a big charming dork... the polar opposite of the Sisto character. Andy Griffith is a national treasure. The three girlfriends working in the diner are funny and charming and have great chemistry together. Adrienne Shelly's writing and direction is smart, funny and Hartley-esque.

Oh, and... the theater was packed and the crowd response to the film was great. I hope that translates into happy returns for 'Waitress'. Waitress Box Office

Look at that theater average!!

...Resisted the impulse to put this in a thread by itself....

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course, waitress is not showing in Philly this weekend, i really miss being on a coast that gets the limited release movies.
Er, sorry, Anonymous1, but that's a really horrible theater average. gossi and danregal, IIRC, said that this film needs about $8000 to $12,000 a theater to be a success. So far, it's only $2,632. Well, it's only the weekdays, not the weekend yet, so things could still turn around! *hopes*
Actually, that's pretty good for a Thursday. In comparison, Disturbia, the number 1 movie for the past three weeks, did no more than $478 dollars per theater its first week during the weekdays. As for weekend take, after its first weekend, it didn't do better than $2000 per theater. That said, it was in many more theaters then the four Waitress is in. :)
Right, Dizzy, I should have explained that Waitress needs to earn $8000 to $12000 a theater because it is only in 4 theaters. A film in 2000 theaters doesn't have that kind of pressure on each theater average. So, I think it would make more sense to compare it to whatever a film like Little Miss Sunshine did on a Wednesday, a film in just a few theaters, instead of Disturbia. On its first day in theaters, LMS earned $9,418 in each of 7 theaters for $65,926 total, according to Box Office Mojo. So, ouch. Waitress not doing great on its first day. (Thursday's earnings are not posted yet.) :-(

I feel like a d*** to report this, but I didn't want the previous post of "look at the average!" to imply something that's not true. Our solution: Hey, New York and Los Angeles Browncoats! GET OUT AND SEE WAITRESS -- AND PAY MONEY TO DO IT! No more free screenings for you dudes! ;-)
I'm just happy the four theaters kept Waitress over the weekend. Originally, Waitress was only listed on in those 4 theaters for May 2nd and May 3rd.

When you click through on the screenings of Waitress, the New York screenings of Waitress are playing on two screens. California only 1 screen.
Wish I had checked on Wednesday and Thursday and seen how many showings were in each theater.
Anonymous1, I love an interwebs research challenge! According to LA (thanks, Google!), the two theaters in Los Angeles are the ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood and the Laemmle's Monica 4-Plex and they both have 5 showings a day, since yesterday (Friday), so I'll guess it's since opening day (Wednesday), too.

I'm sort of hoping it had less screenings on Wed. and Thurs. I'm hoping New York added the extra screen after lots of people wanted to see it on Wed. and Thurs. but couldn't.

Hey, do people read these threads after they run off the first page?
Sometimes I do, Anonymous1, if I posted last and want to see if anyone replies! A lot of times, I even use the Recent Comments as the Whedonesque main page, so I can see who's saying what, where. :-)

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