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May 04 2007

Fascinating, lengthy interview with Nathan Fillion. The Fillion talks about Waitress, FOX canceling Drive, life and the pursuit of happiness, and the fate of Firefly.

The latter parts of this interview offer clarity and insight into how Nathan deals with what he can and cannot control in his life, including the failure of TV series and the difficulties of dealing with a career in acting.

Buffy was not cancelled Mr. Fillion.
The answer to the last question broke my heart. If the Captain has lost faith... *sigh* ...can Joss be far behind?
In fairness, Joss has been saying basically the same thing for years. I'm happy for what I got, at the end of the day.

And yeah, I'm totally digging the unexplained kitty love.
Yeah, my impression is that the current default position is "no sequel" nor is anyone pursuing it. Who knows what the future may bring of course but I wouldn't buy up all the shares in "Serenity 2: Fist of the Teenage Ninja Made of Chocolate" quite yet.

Nice interview that, insights into his attitudes and career. Gotta say, he sounds like an unusually well balanced individual, especially given his profession, it's like he's the living embodiment of that old adage about "strength to change, courage to accept, wisdom to know". Or is it "courage to change, strength to accept", no wait, fear leads to hate, which leads to anger, no, hang on ... ;-). Good on him anyway.

(BTW, do we think the trip to New York to see his friend on Broadway was probably to see Alan Tudyk, maybe in 'Spamalot' ?)
"the fillion" ? That's terrible. Its The Captain!
"Handsome", "charming", "intelligent", "talented"-- all icing on the cake of what appears to be a truly decent and compassionate human being.
"Flatlined". Like a knife through the heart.

But a very nice interview. He's a good man to take such good care of the cat who came with the house.
there have been some great interviews coming out (not just recycling the same stuff, but new info). thanks to all who find and post them!
So sweet. Every time I read an interview with him, it's hard to believe he actually functions the way he does in Hollywood. I would like to hear how he was plucked from obscurity in Edmonton and at 22 went to live in New York City for OLTL.
Nathan's sense of humor always comes through, and he sounds like he has his priorities well thought out. One doesn't often see an actor interviewed who speaks of the meaning of happiness... at least not in such a human and down-to-earth way.

Plus, any guy who inherits and continues to care for an 18 year old cat, and see to all of the ensuing "old kitty" vet visits, well hey, that guy is a Prince.

As to the "flatlined" reference to Firefly/Serenity, *sigh*... that's not the happiest word ever.

'Tis a pity Joss has no experience whatsoever with bringing things back from the dead...
Regarding the cancellation: "Because it's Fox." That made me laugh BIG time! Love ya', big guy!

And to all who are mourning his use of the word "flatlined" - come on! Things have been revived even after being flatlined, so never give up hope. However, that being said, the entertainment industry IS here to make money. In their eyes, "Firefly" and "Serenity" didn't do that, so I don't see why they would want to do more. But never say never, Browncoats!
He may sound all grumpy about the cat, but if you are a MySpace friend of The Fillion (and, yeah, I started that, I rock very hard, thank you!), and you go to his pics as well as the Letter from Dolphinboy blog, you'll see he's crazy about that cat. ;-)

About Firefly/Serenity being flatlined -- I am sad more than I can say that is the case, but if it is the truth, we might as well hear it. Honestly, we are amazingly lucky we will be getting a new edition of the DVD, considering this is a film that barely broke even in theatres, even though it does relatively well on DVD (and, of course, Firefly kicks major DVD ass). Our love does not equal the millions of dollars it takes to make new movies and TV, no matter how much we want it to. Our love DOES, however, make us lucky enough to be getting more canon in the form of Serenifly comics sometime soon, so we're really doing much better than, say, the fans of Arrested Development *coughFoxscrewsmeeverytimecough*. But you're also right, mongorules, never say never -- 5, 10 years from now, who knows? Star Trek came back years and years after it had been on the air. But I think we must be reasonable and let the idea of a Serenity sequel go for now. We can't control it, and we have to let go the things we can't control. (Hmmm, seems I just read someone saying something like that -- who was it, now?) ;-)

MALIcious, you also rock very hard, thank you. This interview is just great. Just when I think I can't respect our Captain any more than I already do, he says or does something very rockin'. I live in a multi-faith household, and one of our faiths is Buddhism. Nathan's statements about happiness and making hard choices for true happiness instead of the easy choices for seeming happiness are exactly what I've heard and read from some very wise old Buddhist types, including the Dalai Lama. So, to sum up Nathan -- funny, kind to cats, great actor, and philosopher, too -- OK, I'm impressed. And, oh yeah, he's a good wedding photographer, too, if you go to Jewel's MySpace page. While I can't believe how much this gorram Fillion guy has ruined the Bell Curve for the rest of us males in the world, I will let him make it up to me by being my hero and role model. ;-)
I think we should just assume Nathan's an outlier and exclude him from our data billz ;).

(i'm also willing to entertain the notion he's an alien or any other craziness ideas that'll make the rest of us 'Y' owners seem less lacking)
Thank you, billz, and yes, I stole "The Fillion" from you. You came up with one of my all-time favorite statements about Nathan: "You do not fuck with The Fillion!" Hilarious and so true. ;-)

Two of my favorite things Nathan said in this interview are "I keep the people around me close to my heart" and "who are we to say about how hearts communicate." His open sensitivity is beautiful.
In terms of that trip to broadway, it is tempting to think, and is probably the case it was Alan Tudyk. It was the first thing to pop in my mind.

And flat lined... ouch. Well that is understandable... but I still won't give up all my hope, maybe retain 2% of it? I can't give up all my hope. In a few years down the line, then I will re-evaluate. Until then, I will remain quixotic(but not crazy...).
Saje, saving our XY pride with math and science! Yay Saje! ;-)

MALicious, I am so happy that I have launched sayings into the world that you (and I hope others) are enjoying. Yay me! Also, true, those statements by (ahem) The Fillion were really kind and understanding about friends, family, relationships of all types. See? Hero. ;-)

kurya and Saje, I have no doubts at all that you dudes are right. It had to have been Alan in Spamalot. Which makes me smile that Nathan almost gave up an important interview to go support a friend by seeing him in a play. See? Hero. ;-)
In fairness, Joss has been saying basically the same thing for years. I'm happy for what I got, at the end of the day.

And yet it doesn't seem to matter how many times Joss says it, or Nathan says it, or you say it, or I say it, or a lot of other people say it. People are still trying to do the "let's get 200,000 people to chip in $100 each!" thing. Heh.
I think that's okay bix- it just speaks to how much we love the 'verse. Sure, it can sometimes be taken to extremes (which is bad), but overall I hope that those involved can recognize our stubbornness and unreasonable hope as a sign of our deep (slightly crazy) love for creations that have obviously impacted us on a personal level and continue to inspire us (and leave us wanting more). Sometimes it's hard to let go of the things you love. Which is why I understand the ouch reactions to 'flatlined', not to say that it isn't something we don't already know - we just don't want to be reminded of it. I know I much prefer to live in my fluffy fantasy land with lollipops and puppies and the possibility of future Serenifly creations. It's a happy place that I can retreat to sometimes and not be bothered by cold harsh reality. Go active fantasy life. :) Anyways nice interview, lots of substance. Nathan seems like a genuine, kind, nice guy with a sense of humor, definitely raising the bar. I also must say, I do love how much we love him - go flans. ;-)
I don't have a problem with the fluffy fantasy life. I'm just, at this point, an annoying (and annoyed) SOB when it comes to people trying to urge others to, in essence, waste their time, energy, spirit, and sometimes even money. Dreaming that one day the Verse will have naturally grown to be popular enough to spark new interest from the Powers That Be is one thing. It's the other thing that I enrage people by getting loudly cranky about.

(I realized that I'd conceded to the reality of the situation when the occasional response to mentioning that reality became accusations that clearly I wasn't a true Browncoat. Heh.)
I like to think that rather than "flatlined", Firefly/Serenity is in a kind of deep slumber... with moments of near wakefulness (in the form of new licensed merchandise announcements... heh...).

And if Firefly/Serenity is in a coma. Well, it's a Faith-type coma where she suddenly becomes conscious... and does some serious butt kicking.
I like that view 11th Hour; and that's exactly what I'm talking about - love (and hope) enduring in a quiet 'this is what I choose to believe' fashion.
LoudandCrankyBix ;-), finally an endorsement of my fantasy life, Score! And I do understand what you're saying, I also would hope you wouldn't need to worry about proving your Browncoat street cred to anyone in the know...I guess we can be an obstinate bunch.
I know I much prefer to live in my fluffy fantasy land with lollipops ...

You know the first thing that springs to mind when I think about that fantasy ? Choking hazard. That's healthy, right ? ;)

"let's get 200,000 people to chip in $100 each!"

We should totally still do that. I hereby volunteer my services as, err, 'treasurer'. Really, it's no problem, I don't mind. Anytime.
'Drive' got canceled already?
It took 8 days, wouldestous.
You mean flatlined like when you take this drug that makes you look like you're dead but you really aren't? And how cool is it that I could be talking about either Romeo and Juliet or Ariel?
Yes, Our Captain seems to be well balanced. Nice, nice interview.
"Flatlined. Iím not going to say anything about resuscitation"


He means like in White Noise: The Light. His character Abe...
I play the lottery...hugs QMX Official Serenity Blueprints.
Oh yeah, and in September 2007, there will be a Serenity: Better Days 3-issue mini-series. So Joss has not given up on telling more Firefly/Serenity in a media outside comics. Otherwise we would be getting a full comic series for Firefly/Serenity.

The difference between Buffy and Firefly is the actors all want to tell more stories from the 'verse.

We hold. Oh, look a cute, little bunny. Fluffy fantasy land? Well, not so little bunny...actually weighs 6 pounds, growls and attacks people with big feet.
No, the difference is that Joss holds the Firefly actors to be essential for telling more stories and he does not feel the same way about the Buffyverse casts. That was the explanation given to why he was not doing a full Firefly comic series.
Oh yeah, and in September 2007, there will be a Serenity: Better Days 3-issue mini-series

Maybe. I heard the other day that the first script was only just recently delivered. Not sure if that affects a Sept release for the actual first issue. (What's the turnaround time for comics from script to product?)

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2007-05-05 15:38 ]
I thought Sarah didn't want to do Buffy again.
theonetruebix | May 05, 15:38 CET
heard the other day that the first script was only just recently delivered.

Serenity: Better Days script 1 has been WRITTEN! DELIVERED!

Thankx B!X! Whoo-hoo!

I would hope that Dark Horse can turn out monthly comics...they can come out with Serenity by September.

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