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May 04 2007 review "The Air I Breathe" in part two of their Tribeca coverage. Sarah Michelle Gellar's film gets a mostly positive review stating that "Even if lacking in originality, the film’s powerful performances by its ensemble cast are worth witnessing". Very mild spoilers.

The movie sounds interesting to me, so even if it's not original in concept, I'm still really looking forward to seeing it.

It's great that the cast are getting positive reviews. From the majority of reviews at IMDB boards and this blog, Sarah is getting praised for her performance. Such a good thing.

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Go Sarah! Can't wait to see it!
Umm, but I wouldn't trust all that much. They were the ones that gave Battlefield Earth its (one) positive review.
At least it's not just their word we're having to take for it. The performances are being praised in most (if not all) of the reviews for this film I've seen. Not that there have been a huge number, but still... They deserve any and all praise they're getting IMO.

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Can't wait to see Sarah onscreen again. Wish it were Buffy but I'll take what I can get of this girl.

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