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May 04 2007

(SPOILER) review of Runaways #26. I hadn't noticed anyone else posting a review of the new issue of Runaways so here is one...

Personally I loved the first of Joss' issues: challenging our band of runaways as they try to survive in the real world (and start compromising their principles), and this one builds on that, making them question their relationships with each other. No one can torture fictional characters as ruthlessly as Joss Whedon!

Thanks for posting this, cause I'm pretty much agreeing completely with what he's saying.
I liked it and Molly is a star as far as I am concerned. Punching the Punisher was hilarious.

Also does anyone know if there's any essays about the place which compare Joss' writing styles on the Buffy comic, Astonishing X-Men and Runaways? There is a difference in approach and I'm wondering if anyone has taken the time to analyse it.
Yeah, the Punisher getting punched was pretty great. I love to see him in comedic situations!
I don't know, as much as I love Joss's Astonishing X-Men and the Buffy-Comics, on Runaways I still miss my BKV, sorry, I know, I'm a bad Joss-worshipper! Bad, bookworm, bad!
I'm loving Runaways with Joss as much as Vaughan, if not more. As great as Vaughan's run was, occasionally I'd finish an issue thinking that not much had happened. But both the Joss issues so far have been full of great moments with the characters, and the main plotline is coming along nicely. Enjoying this a lot more than Astonishing right now, I hope the sales are good.
I've read the first two trades of Runaways and while really enjoyed them, they weren't something I'd spend my money to pick up and read exclusively like Buffy or Astonishing. As noticed, there is a difference to how he writes each comic. True, the witty dialogue and characterizations are excellent, but there's a difference.

With X-Men there's a more epic take. It's a bit more melodramatic than the other two books.

With Runaways there's that wonderful combination of akward teenage angst and innocence as well as seeing the Punisher get knocked out by a twelve year old little girl.

And with Buffy . . . well, it's more HONEST. Seems to come more from his heart than the other two books, that's all.
I read all of Brian K. Vaughan's Runaway series and I became a huge fan of his (and I'm continuing to adore Y the Man and Ex Machina), but I have to say that I love what Joss is doing with the series. I don't think it takes anything away from Vaughan's work creating this great series to say that Joss is really revving up threat and the angst (and I'm still praying that he might reward us with the return of Gert!).

It is interesting to compare these three comics that came out the same day: personally I was never a huge X-man fan so although I can admire the epic (and complicated) story in Astonishing X-men I have never felt a strong degree of commitment to the characters. However I have become invested in Runaways (hense the campaigning for Gert's life - please please please), and I have a HUGE attachment to everyone in the Buffy-verse! It makes both those comics just that much more dire for me.

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