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May 05 2007

Free Comic Book Day includes some Whedonesque goodness. Among the many excellent free sampler comics being given out at comic shops all over the place today, there's Dynamite Entertainment’s Lone Ranger/Battlestar Galactica Flip Book, with a Lone Ranger story by Brett (”Heart of Gold,” “Serenity: Those Left Behind”) Matthews, cover by John (”Astonishing X-Men”) Cassaday. It’s not a Serenity comic but it’s as close as you’ll get till this fall. And it's free!

It's also one of the ten comics that are supposed to be available at every participating shop, so you should be able to nab one. See a preview here.

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Oh, gimme, gimme, gimme! If anyone attends and picks up these freebees, please report back on the goodies.
Mrs. Haunt and I are heading to our shop in just a few minutes. (I took the day off work specifically to go to this... shame on me.)

I'm sure I'll pick 'em all up, but the two I'm really looking forward to are The Umbrella Academy and Astounding Wolf-Man. But I'll report back if any of them blow me away.
"Love and Capes" which is Thom Zahler's lovely comic series, is also available for free today. I'm not sure which issue... Thom's connection to the Whedonverse includes his running and designing Andy Hallett's website (and being a really cool fella)!
Oh I didn't realize the Lone Ranger cover was by John Cassaday and written by Bret Matthews, I'd have picked one up if I'd known. Main reason I went was for the 3 in 1 Marvel which they'd run out of : ( Picked up the Spider-Man though. Still, nothing as good as last years Runaways/X-Men crossover.
Pick up the Kirkman book as well. Most of the other books are simply reprints of other books that I've already got, except for the spidey book and the kirkman book.
My friendly comic book retailer told me on Wednesday that he was told by his distributor that there was a rumor that Dark Horse *might* include a reprint of BtVS #1 in their FCBD offerings, but so far I haven't heard of that being the case anywhere.

But be sure to take advantage of this today,'s a great way to expose yourself to some new titles that you may just really enjoy. And it's also a good means of introducing kids to the joys of American four color comic books. :P
No BTVS comic, but I got me a nice poster of the image from #2's cover. Lots of great stuff on hand. My 7 year old and I spent the drive home comparing our acquisitions. And of course, even with all the free stuff, I still managed to spend $25.
By the time we got to the comic book store, all of the FCBD merch had been taken away. So we spent $150 on other stuff. I suck. :-( Oh! But I got Buffy #3! :-D
I'm excited at the return of Nexus! Also picked up the Kirkman book, and bought Buffy #3 and the Tales of Slayers and Tales of Vampires tpbs. I also won an Incredible Hulk tpb in raffle.

I didn't pick up every free comic... many looked interesting, but the shop had signs saying we shouldn't take more than 5-6 and I took 6. Didn't want to feel like I was hogging them. ;-)

This was my first free comic book day, and it was great. :-) Look forward to it next year.

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