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May 05 2007

Marc Vann in Spider-Man 3. You may remember him as Doctor Sparrow from S5 of Angel, but now he's producing plays on Broadway along with Father Jack from Six Feet Under. He's only got one scene, but it's important...ish.

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A relevant link would be helpful.
Oh, I knew I recognized him from Angel but I couldn't think who he played. I kept thinking of the chicken foot doctor who wanted to dissect Darla and Connor but I knew that wasn't it. At least I was on the right track. :)
Another reason to see Spidey 3, I'll try and check that out soon.

I suggest changing the link to the IMDB cast page for the movie:
Conrad Ecklie! The face of the evil beaurocrat on CSI. And a pretty horribile doctor on Angel. Ecklie broke up the CSIs in S5, only to have Grissom get them back together again at the end of the season when Nick Stokes was buried alive. And saved.
A period at the end of your link title is good, too :)
The one that got me for a minute or two was the ID of the actor who played Captain Stacy. Eventually it clicked that it was James Cromwell, who also played the father of Jack Bauer. This would appear to mean that Gwen Stacy is Jack Bauer's sister...
I remember this actor as Father Jack on Six Feet Under (who later after not being a church leader anymore would have one last funny but awkward scene at a movie rental store when he bumps into David and Kieth). I can't remember him at all from Angel.

Yeah, James Cromwell is Jack Bauer's dad from 24, but in my head he'll always be poor George from Six Feet Under. I know he's had many many villainous movie roles over the years as well, but I can't recall any that I've seen at the moment.

Much as I loved Spider-Man 3, Bryce Dallas Howard as Gwen Stacy and James Cromwell as her father (is he a character from the comics?) were largely wasted in a fairly crowded and busy film.
Tim Maculan was on Six Feet Under, Marc Vann was on Angel.

Vann was in S5, he was the doctor-man who gave Gunn his smartness implant and helped get the Illyria tomb into the US.

I, too, always think of Ecklie whenever Marc Vann comes up. Angel pops in second, but he was Ecklie first.
Also, Dr. Curt Connors (to become the Lizard in Spidey 4 or 5??) is Dylan Baker of "Drive."

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