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May 06 2007

Preliminary box office results for "Waitress": $91,500 opening weekend. The preliminary numbers, which will be updated Monday morning, show "Waitress" earned an average of $22,875 per screen (in 4 theaters) over its opening weekend, for an estimated total box office to date of $111,000.

This is not cause to celebrate just yet. In its opening weekend, Little Miss Sunshine averaged $52,999 per theater (7 theaters). But it ain't bad at all! ;-)

I didn't think any movie other than Spider-man 3 opened this weekend.

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Waitress isn't the only Jossverse related film out at the moment (and which is doing very well for itself btw) but I'm not going to say what it is. As the answer may shock or DISTURB you. *ahem*.
I'm going to see Waitress next weekend, since its not showing in my city until next weekend.
I'm going to see it again on Thursday, this time bringing some friends who haven't seen it.
playing in 4 theatres is an opening weekend??

we are still getting free screenings
Waitress got a small mention but positive mention in an article at the Guardian website.

They said that "Two critically acclaimed films opened well in limited release.

Fox Searchlight's ``Waitress,'' starring Keri Russell as a small-town woman whose flavorful pies are named after the hard knocks in her messy personal life, debuted with $91,470 in four theaters. ``Waitress'' was written and directed by co-star Adrienne Shelly, who was slain in her Manhattan apartment last fall.

Both films expand to more theaters throughout May."
Simon, you mean Shia LaBeouf has 'Verse connections? Or do you mean Hitchcock? ;-)
billz, I don't think Simon is talking about Shia. try this
The Ebert & Roeper TV show repeated their great (two thumbs up) review of last week again this week, so I'm sure the extra plug will help the movie if it ever opens wide. It is very frustrating that it is only in 4 theaters (none within 400 miles of me) and I can't find out when it'll be coming to a theater near me!
Very frustrating indeed that it's so limited.

Also CaptainB it's not almost a million, it's almost 1/10 of a million. :)
Embers said:

I can't find out when it'll be coming to a theater near me!

You can see the list of cities and theaters doing the Movie with Mom promo for Mother's Day Weekend - hope that helps you find a theater closer to you.

I was celebrating at $2,600 or so a theater. And then someone said it had to do about 8,000 a theater. So, whoo-hoo, $22,875 per theater!!!!!

Link to free screenings

and Waitress showtimes
also has screenings listed. Looks like limited means that theaters don't get to keep a movie for two weeks. Because Waitress is moving on to

Landmark Plaza Frontenac Cinema (St. Louis,MO)
Uptown Theatre (Minneapolis,MN)
Mayan Theatre (Denver,CO)
4th ???
on Friday, May 11th.

and the Movie with Mom link is showing theaters showing Waitress now with a * I'm hoping they will keep the website up past Mother's Day. Good way to track the screenings.

Also, remember, gossi said that he thinks Waitress will have a staggered release of 1000 theaters.
Box Office Mojo Weekend Chart


Darn, it got beat in the best theater average by Spiderman. I'm so sad. NOT! 2ND PLACE IN THEATER AVERAGE TO SPIDERMAN!

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Anwyn, that's for pointing out how dumb I am! Actually, just not keen observeyness on my part.
There's a clip/review on the NYTimes site.

& yes, the captain is in the clip
Waitress was showing in 4 theaters over the weekend. Two theaters in NY area with 2 screens each. Two theaters in CA with 1 screen each.

Waitress is moving on to 4 new theaters Friday.

Betcha Spidey is playing on at least two screens in every theater. Maybe even 3.
Anonymous1, I'm pretty sure that when the film goes to new theaters, each new theater is, er, new, I don't think it means the previous theaters stop showing it. I think limited release means just a few theaters, not a short time in each theater. Once Little Miss Sunshine started playing in my little corner of the world, it stayed in the theater forever. I also think that on Friday, Waitress will start playing at all the theaters listed in the Movies with Mom thing, not just 4; otherwise, it wouldn't be there for Mother's Day (next Sunday I think, yikes!).

TamaraC, thanks for restoring my faith in reality. I didn't think Shia was the 'Verse type, but I didn't know who wrote Disturbia. Yay Carl! ;-)

That would be nice. Could be that the four theaters now showing Waitress just haven't filled in their information for Friday May 11th. Just when I clicked on Waitress Screenings and saw the 11th--it turned out to be 4 different theaters and the CA and NY ones where gone.
I went and saw it at the arclight yesterday. Very sweet and funny and nathan was great. But $14 a ticket is pretty pricey when you are buying for 2...
Actual figures are in:

$23,008 per theater/$111,708 total.

Rockin'! :-)
Entertainment Weekly gave Waitress an A rating.
Disturbia looks pretty awesome, too. Most of my friends have seen it, but I haven't had the time (or money) to go.
Hopefully I'll find a theater that has Waitress soon.
Thanks billz! Whoo-hoo! $23,008 per theater! Celebrate! Celebrate! Dance to the music! Hey, is there gonna be a soundtrack? Those of you who have seen, how is the music?

The Operative, is that a normal price in your area or are they charging more for Waitress?
The movie with Mom website has times by some screenings! I bet those are the Mother's Day screenings with the free gift bag.

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