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May 06 2007

Julie Benz is the female lead in Sylvester Stallone's "John Rambo". According to Variety (May 6).

Do I have to go see a Stallone movie to see Julie? oh god!
Oh joy at lest I have the choice of seeing her in "Dexter",out on DVD this summer.

Well, he could do something interesting with an aged Rambo. Not saying he will, just sayin' could.

Might be a nice part for her. Last I heard it was set in Burma and involved fighting against oppressors so i'm seeing Ms Benz as some kind of aid worker or similar.

Gotta say, i'll probably watch it more out of morbid curiosity than anything else. 'Rocky Balboa' I actually wanted to see, just because it felt like an almost meta-textual underdog story and personally I think he really pulled it off, daft as the central premise was. Rambo is a much harder sell though. The whole idea's a relic and if it's not treated that way it's probably just gonna be sickening IMO. Rah, rah and look how far we haven't come since 1985.
Rambo ain't a character I want to revisit (I'm sorry Julie, but I'm glad you got a high-visibility job out of it). After First Blood, it was all downhill for me. I feel about this like I do about most aging franchises. Please.stop. Even though George Lucas was heavily involved with the Indiana Jones sequel, I thought "Oh, okay. It might be fun to see Indy dragged out of professorial retirement to do one last adventure." Then Lucas fired Frank Darabont. I'll rely on pre-buzz to determine if whatever lands on screen is worth my effort.

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Especially considering Rambo actually dies at the end of the novel, presumably because the author figured he shouldn't really be allowed to live after what he'd done (though admittedly he does have a much nastier edge in the book and kills a whole lot more people - in the film of 'First Blood' he actually only kills one guy IIRC and even that was basically an accident). So he should be about 36 years in the grave.

Re: Indy IV, from what was reported everyone else was happy with Darabont's script, only Lucas vetoed it. Well, not to be mean but i'm not sure George Lucas' judgment of scriptwriting is all that great. Doesn't bode well IMO.

(plus, 'Last Crusade' ended so perfectly - literally "the four friends ride off into the sunset" - that i'm just not sure it should be messed with)
Oh, nevermind about Sylvester Stallone. I'll just be tickled pink to see Julie on the silver screen. Errrr, what a sexy woman!
Yeah Julie on the big screen, whatever you guys think of Rambo, at least it will give Julie a high profile part, which could lead to other roles.

For me personally, I love Sly Stallone and his Rocky and Rambo characters, they are iconic, and worldwide well known. Can't get enough of the characters.
I've always enjoyed the Rambo movies, even the cheesiness of 2 and 3 (Rambo, take me with you? *dies*).

Having Julie in the new one is icing on the cake for me.
Aw, I'm glad for her; she always comes across as really nice in any interviews I've seen of her. So after working with Jack Nicholson she's adding Sly? That's really not a bad roster at all.
I'm not ashamed to admit my Sly Stallone thing. And with Julie Benz? I'm there (even though I don't think I ever got around to watching Part 3). I think Part 2 was one of the first R movies I snuck into because my parents said I couldn't see it. :) I hope it's at least decent! It will be great to see Julie on the big screen.
Is this fourth or fifth blood? (A fifth of blood?) I was disappointed with Rocky the 13th part 3 in 3D, but enjoyed Copland, though the soundtrack wasn't what I expected.
So they're actually calling it "John Rambo"? Seriously? The Angry Nintendo Nerd said that jokingly after Rocky Balboa came out. That's so goofy. Is there going to be a sequel to Judge Dredd called "Judge Joseph Dredd"?
I believe it's the fourth, napua. Please hold the faith, I'm sure there's a fifth in the works as we speak;)
Actually I heard they're gonna CG a younger Sly face onto Rambo's body and set it in high school which would make this one 'Zeroth Blood'.

(in fairness, IIRC they were rumoured to be calling it 'John Rambo' even before 'Rocky Balboa' came out)

Must confess, i'm kinda surprised people see that sort of ultra-patriotic, 'America saves the world' type of character as still being applicable today (much as I enjoyed it then, even in 1985 it virtually parodied itself - i'm surprised the 'Hot Shots' folk even bothered ;). Like I say, he could address that aspect and make it worthwhile, otherwise it feels almost in poor taste to me. YMMV ;).
Well Stallnoe is a wealthy and famous actor which means he exists under different rules from ordinary wokring people, but if he's going to paly opposite Julie and he's about 10 years +- older than i am, I fell less bad about my feelings for some of her former ME co-workers.
Oddly e nough, this *might* work. If Rambo is basiclaly a loose cannon instead of an agent.
I hope they call it John J. Rambo.

Adding the J just makes it sound that much cooler.
I'm just glad the film is being lensed in Thailand. Lensing is so much cooler than just filming, don't you think? Especially in Thailand.

Variety-speak makes me stabby.
Maybe 'lensing' refers to shooting digital (as opposed to film?)
Okay, leave it to Chris to leave us baffled. Ahh, lensing? And why is Thailand so special? Explain yourself mister. Pretty please?
Just being silly, Madhatter. Variety is given to all kinds of breezy jargon (a show is "skedded" to run at a particular time), and I'm just guessing that "lensing" is cutesy-speak for "filming" or "shooting."

Thailand was just gratuitous.
Hee! I know, got a good chuckle. Thanks:)
Rambo. Another old movie franchise that was due it's very own beating to death. I'm just waiting for Lord of the Rings 4: After the Ring. A blockbuster just waiting to happen. Okay, I actually am hoping that New Line and Jackson will get things sorted so that The Hobbit can finally be made, but then that is a story that deserves to be told in movie form rather than an obvious attempt to cash in on a successful franchise with a crappy sequel and so therefore an entirely different issue. And I'm not just saying that as a Tolkien obsessive. Honest.

Indy 4 is a bad idea that hopefully will not happen. The third movie was a perfect way to end the story and it would be a great shame to ruin that, although Lucas isn't exactly known for knowing when to leave a good thing alone.
I think the big question is, could Darla beat Rambo in a fight?
And the big answer is: yes ;)
I personally will check it out. I can't help but admit I love me some Sly. However, I love Julie even more. She is really doing great. She has been awesome on Dexter. I love that show, it is soooo creepy and has a great cast.
I think the big question is, could Darla beat Rambo in a fight?

Now THAT would be a movie I'd want to see.
Im glad Julie is getting a big screen part. Great actress, and deserves more recognition.

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