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May 07 2007

Summer Glau's 'Sarah Connor Chronicles' pilot likely to be picked up for series. According to After Ellen "Fox execs are very happy with this pilot" and they also say that "The buzz says this is one pilot that will surely be picked up for a series."

Also according to The Futon Critic The Sarah Connor Chronicles is the Fox pilot with the most buzz which backs up what After Ellen says.

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Of course, it's Fox. So, getting picked up as a pilot, making it to the air and then making it through more than a few episodes before cancellation are three very different things.
Sorry...still a bit miffed over Drive.
But, good for Summer. Hope it works out.
No, it will go two seasons, it's got the James Cameron name behind it.
Notice my oblique reference to Fox shows past.

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I got it, Tymen. I am very much looking forward to seeing this. I think Summer will be fabulous in the role of Cameron, but I think Summer is fabulous in every role.

I give it 13 eps.
Happy for Summer but so soured on Fox that I can't drum up any excitement over this project. I was excited when the first story was linked here but I don't want to live through another disappointment for a Serenifly cast member, I just don't.
If you think we're leery of new Fox shows, imagine how the actors must feel:

"I got the part, I love the premise, my character is terrific! What did you say? We've been picked up by Fox? Ah, crap."
Fox is good at picking things up. It's just also good at dropping them.
Not watching it unless it makes it through a whole season. Just won't do it. Screw FOX.
No. Fox is not in the money-making business, but in the misery business. They'll get the show on the air, get some great creative talent and a lot of fans hooked before darning us all to heck (so to speak - phrase credit to scott adams.) Then they have an orgy-feed on all of the collective despair they perpetrated. Adding Cameron's grief to the mix is just an added spice.
Sounds interesting, probably to the point where I'll watch the series while it's on the air. Beware, though. History says my interest translates into a "007 license" for Fox to play show-assassin, most likely in mid-season, with the best stuff yet unaired.

I swear, Fox must be tapping my TV for the purposes of cancelling anything I like.

Mushy, no-talented prattle is allowed to go on for years, and years, and years, but truly substantive shows (like Joss TV) are cancelled in a heart beat. What's wrong with this picture?
Theres also an Eliza Dushku mention, about Nurses, half way down if you're at this link :

I myself was very confused by the multiple link things, so I wasn't sure if this was worth a mention, or everyone had already seen Eliza :P
This pleases me. Fox, you may live yet.
Maybe I'll be proactive, and be mad at Fox now- in preparation for when they do give the show the boot. That way, I'm ready.
It's on FOX, so I'm not even interested.

I'm still waiting for FOX to cancel BONES. I expect it any day now.
I'm still waiting for FOX to cancel BONES. I expect it any day now.

Gah! Don't say that! If Bones gets cancelled, I'll only have two shows to watch. Then again, the less TV I watch, the easier it'll be to actually cancel my cable subscription.
Bones got an early renewal already. It's good through 2008...
Unless its ratings fall, k8cre8. Then all bets are off.
A role like this could bring to the fore Summer's ability to shift from delicate flower to killing machine physically and from dreamy to sharp intellectually. Potentially great television.
Yeah, I'm not holding my breath. I'll wait until the 13 episode box set comes out, "Now with nine never before seen episodes!"
No, it will go two seasons, it's got the James Cameron name behind it.

James Cameron's name is nowhere near this project. So expect FOX to treat it as badly as anything else it orders to series.

That said, the "Terminator" brand name is going to help it a lot - it's guaranteed at least good audiences for a week or two.
I'm not worried about the acting in this "maybe" series. Lena Headey was quite good in The Cave, which was a pretty horrible movie, but the only one I've seen her in. Interesting that she wasn't tapped for The Descent instead. And Summer is well, Summer. Damn it, why did it have to be Fox.
No, it will go two seasons, it's got the James Cameron name behind it.
Tymen | May 07, 22:11 CET

Hey, this is FOX we're talkin' about...remember?
There are no guarantees.
It doesn't matter whose name is behind it. If they don't get the numbers out of the gate, that show will be gone so fast it'll be crazy. Critical acclaim and buzz be damned.
They'll cancel it, and they'll throw in re-runs of whatever's on the line-up, or some jive-assed "reality" crap....or maybe they'll just add another night of the Death Star: "American Idol".
Me? I'm ready to stop watching "24" and just renting the DVDs when the season is over.
All that having been said, I'm happy for Summer Glau getting work.
Geez. Depressing thread.

I'm going to be watching this in the fall, Fox or no. If they decide to pull another 'Drive', well then, I'll just enjoy the four episodes and massive cliffhanger we'll get.
The Futon Critic article linked above was really good. It's got the most detailed description of the show to date. Lots of spoilers about future Plot Lines...


If Fox will just give it a chance.
I think it goes without saying that there is an immediate doubt to how successful any science fiction or fantasy show will be on Fox, or indeed any show that features any Firefly actors, are any show that is in any way good. At this point I would usually say with the exception of 24, but this season has been pretty dull so it doesn't really hold up to the praise at the moment. Bones is mostly a standalone episode kinda show, which is the sort of thing that Fox loves and so is guaranteed a healthy run. Good news for DB but I can't stand the show (sorry, Bones fans, it's just far too predictable, boring and not my sort of thing at all).

I'm take it or leave it when it comes to the Terminator movies so this series will have to work to get me really interested. Having Summer Glau involved is a major advantage, especially if she is going to be kicking ass, but it's still a 'wait and see' for me.
If Summer is indeed, as I've heard, kicking ass and taking names, I'm totally watching. FOX and I -- well, it's a little bit like an abusive relationship. They keep breaking my heart, and I keep coming back because I can't help it.

The weird thing is that I've grown sort of calloused about cancelled TV shows of late. I guess I haven't been invested in any show that's been taken off the air in a while; in some ways, I wish some networks would get more proactive about weeding some of their more uninspiring long-term series. Like FOX totally needs to cancel The Simpsons and I'm glad that The Sopranos is finally ending. A graceful exit counts for a lot in my book, apparently!
Um, what *Serial Rocker* said. Seriously, I was ready to write a post that would have said the exact same things, almost word for word. Cosmic!:)
Damn! Shey has somehow stumbled upon my secret ability that allows me to travel an hour into the future so that I can read other Whedonesquers comments, copy and paste the ones I like and then travel back to claim them as my own, changing the future and preventing me from having to come up with anything clever or witty myself.

Just call me the Postinator. ;)
This always sounded to me like a totally idiotic idea for a series. Sounds like low budget - no terminators *g* But if Miss Glau is in it, I'll make a note in my calender 5 years from now, to check up on wether or not the show was cancled.
Okay Deepgirl187, I take it back. I love BONES and wish it no harm.

And if Summer is kicking a** and taking names, I'll give it a shot.
At they actually state the date of the premier as September 1/2007. At least they have committed to a start date. And I agree about the chances of this being slightly higher than the average show because of the history of the Terminator series and the Cameron name. I just hope that Summers' character is a solid recurring one and that we get to see much, much more of her.
That's just a placemarker at, it doesn't actually mean anything.
can't these folk get work somewhere else once in a while, why do they have to keep putting their heads on the fox guillotine, for pete's sake ?!
can't these folk get work somewhere else once in a while, why do they have to keep putting their heads on the fox guillotine, for pete's sake ?!

t r a c y | May 08, 20:59 CET

Having once been an actor, let me attempt to answer your question:
Nathan was offered contract by FOX to star in a project. They gave him Drive, which gave him another TV leading character, some more exposure and a nice paycheque, I'm sure. Then they killed it.
Minear, same thing. They gave him a show, they didn't allow it to find an audience (same as it ever was) and they killed.
I think I remember Joss saying if FOX gave him another show, he'd do it.
Work is work. That's the nature of The Biz. And until you reach a point in your career where you can actually turn down work for whatever reason, unless it's something really horrid, you probably wouldn't tend to turn down Network TV-type work. Even if it's for skeevy Rupert Murdoch, Faux News-running, show-killing, reality crappy FOX. And even though Drive was on FOX, I was hoping it would be a big hit.
Hey, does anyone else hope that if there's a whole season of Drive in the can, there might be a limited edition DVD set released? : )
Just wonderin'...

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AmazonGirl, your descriptive take on Fox is priceless.

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